Real Name
First Appearance
Empowered (vol. 1) #1 (March, 2007)
Adam Warren
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
unnamed west coast cities
Skills and Abilities

Ocelotina is a self-proclaimed and self-involved superheroine in the comic book series Empowered.


After being kidnapped and held hostage by villains with the heroine Empowered, Ocelotina was inspired to become a superhero, but for profit and self-promotion rather than altruism.


Not much is known about Ocelotina's past before her first run-in with Empowered. She first met Emp after she tried to rescue her from a hostage situation only to get captured herself (both were later rescued by Thugboy). Soon after, she was inspired by Empowered to become a superhero, albeit one with little-to-know interest in fighting crime. Instead, she preferred to make and sell superhero-themed bondage videos to make money and ended up becoming rich and famous through them.

Later Ocelotina, who is also attracted to Empowered, had her brother trick her into losing her powers and kidnapped her, putting her in his car's trunk nearly naked with Ocelotina. However, she and her brother were beaten up by Empowered's rival/team mate Sistah Spooky for not being considered a kidnapping target (in fact, Ocelotina simply found her too scary).


Ocelotina might refer to herself as a superhero, but her interests are more selfish than altruistic and has no real interest in fighting crime. She also has very few ethics and would even resort to trickery and kidnapping in order to get closer to people she's attracted to. Her focus tends to be more vein, often using her "superheroics" as an opportunity to self-promote her brand and her videos.

Skills and Abilities

Ocelotina showed very little in the ways of skills and abilities, though she does sell an instructional video on how NOT to get caught in traps (which is really thinly veiled bondage videos).


She does apparently have a functioning tail on her costume, though it is unclear how it works. 

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