Old Lace is a dinosaur and an ally to the superhero team the Runaways in the Marvel Universe.

Old Lace was genetically engineered in the 87th century, the project being commissioned by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, the parents of Gertrude. At the parents request, the designer also put in several character traits which included a tele-empathic bond with Gertrude as well as being incapable of harming any of her immediate family, as discovered when Gertrude orders Old Lace to attack her parents and Old Lace refuses. Old Lace was originally intended to be part of Gert's inheritance for when her parents died but Gertrude and the rest of the Runaways stumble upon her while searching the Yorkes' basement for the body of a girl that they had witnessed their parents sacrificing.

As a Runaway Edit

Old Lace has a telepathic bond with Gert. This lets her feel each other's thoughts and pain, and allows Old Lace to act on Gert's emotions. Old Lace got her name from Gert Yorkes, who had temporarily been using "Arsenic" as her codename (essentially making the pair Arsenic and Old Lace, after the play and film of the same name). Though Gertrude later dropped the codename after deciding that some things from her parents (such as her real name) were worth keeping, Old Lace's name stuck. During their final encounter with The Pride Old Lace was briefly under the control of Alex Wilder while Gertrude was unconscious, but Gertrude quickly took control back when she came to. Seconds before Gert's death, she was able to pass her telepathic link with Old Lace to her boyfriend Chase Stein, since her death would have killed Lace as well via their telepathic link. Even though Old Lace has a telepathic bond with Chase now, she has been shown to have some free will. This is first shown when Old Lace attacks a strong guy named Topher, despite Gertrude telling her to stop and again when Chase ties Nico up and Old Lace growls and tries to stop Chase.

Media Edit

Appears in Runaways tv series.

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