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Old Soldier

Old Soldier Marvel.jpg

Real Name
First Appearance
Squadron Supreme (Vol. 3) #1 (September, 2008)
Howard Chaykin, Marco Turini
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Washington, D.C.
Memories of Soldiers in America's wars
Skills and Abilities
Expert in Warfare, skilled hand-to-hand fighter and marksman.
WWI era helmet, Guns

The Old Soldier is a mysterious superhero in the Marvel Multiverse.


The Old Soldier was born when an extraterrestrial object arrived on Earth. A mysterious force emerged from the object, and ended up at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Using three bodies buried within, the energy created a new human with peak physical prowess and a desire to fight for the ideals of America.


When the crew of the spaceship known as Icaus One brought an alien artifact to Earth, some sort of entity began to emanate from it. The glowing entity then traveled to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where it found three bodies. Using those bodies as a base, it transformed itself into a human-like being who had the intentions of fighting for the ideals of the United States of America.

The Old Soldier began fighting crime and soon gained the attention of the American government, who were at the time recruiting new members to their superhero team, the Squadron Supreme.  He joined the team and became one of their members, under the command of Nick Fury, a spymaster originating from an alternate universe.


The Old Soldier has a soldier's mindset, dedicated to serving his nation and provide it with justice.


  • Unknown Physiology - The true understanding of the physiology of Old Soldier is unknown.