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Ben Tennyson
First Appearance
Ben Ten, "And Then There Were Ten"
Change DNA (main purpose) Scanning and Cataloging DNA, Can include clothing and tools, Can function as a communication device, Homing Device, Security Features, Randomizer Mode
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The Omnitrix is an artifact used by the title character in the animated TV series Ben 10.


The Original Omnitrix[]

The Omnitrix was created by the alien scientist Azmuth in an attempt to make up for the damage done by a weapon he created previously. The idea is that it could be used to promote understanding between races by allowing them to experience eachother's lifestyle and worldview. It would also act as a library of alien DNA, cataloging over one million species and preserving their genetic material should they ever need to be brought back from extinction. Azmuth also hoped that this the creation of the Omnitrix may have convinced Azmuth's former lover to return, as she left him after creating the terrible weapon of war Ascalon.

After collecting a vast library of DNA, Azmuth programmed it with a user in mind: a human named Max Tennyson, who dealt with alien threats to his home planet as a plumber, a sort of covert police for extraterrestrials. It ended up, however, in the hands of Ben Tennyson, Max's nephew, who was unable to remove the device. Ben would go on to use it to protect the Earth and its people from threats both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. The Omnitrix was soon targeted by the alien overlord Vilgax, who wanted to use it to create an army of soldiers capable of transforming into any life form.

Ben originally found he had only access to 10 alien forms, which would change for various reasons (usually after being recalibrated).After the Omnitrix was affected by the villain Dr. Amino's DNA changing device, Ben learned that the device would self-destruct and destroy the universe and needed to seek out Azmuth to fix it. Azmuth refused to fix it at first (seeing it used as a weapon) but was moved to help Ben (who was using it selflessly) and both fixes and upgrades the device in time to defeat Vilgax.  


Later, it was destroyed when Ben battled Vilgax once more, when Ben activated the self-destruct mechanism. At this time, Ben was also facing off against Albedo, Azmuth's former assistant. The Ultimatrix was a copy originally created by Azmuth and Albedo with the intent of surpassing the Omnitrix but it was originally incomplete. Albedo had stolen the Ultimatrix but due to the fact that it was synced up with the original Omnitrix, Albedo could only access the same alien DNA database that Ben had access to.

It was later given a sleeker shape similar to a wristwatch. After Ben Tennyson's summer of fighting evil ended he returns home and keeps the Omnitrix a secret from his family and friends. Tennyson would go on to use it in secret to fight dangerous threats to the Earth.


The purpose of the Omnitrix is to change the user from thier own species to a different species. In the beginning the user (Ben Tennyson) could only use any form for approx 10 mins at a time (more or less, seemingly depending on how the alien body exerts itself) before turning to it's original form. After that, the Omnitrix becomes inoperable for a short period of time. Though initially, Ben has access to only ten alien forms (with some being replaced by others), he later learns that he can change them by accessing the Codon Stream, which contains a catalogue of 1,000,910 forms.

In can also act as a two-way communication device with other devices.


The Omnitrix is designed to be worn around the wrist like a wrist watch.  The selection of alien species appears on the display screen and to select the alien that the user wishes to change to, he must press down on the display.

It also changes color when in different modes to signify its current status.

Due to the fact that it is designed to be used by practically any lifeform, it has the ability to adjust its size to attach itself to its user's wrist (assuming the user is a hominid with a wrist).


- Ben 10 is partially an homage to the old Silver Age superhero comic "Dial H for Hero", about a young boy who can turn into countless superheroes due to a strange phone dial.