The Order are the names of two super teams in the Marvel Universe: one being the members of the Defenders who went mad and attempted to conquer the Earth and the other was a superhero team created to defend California.


The Order

The Order, the team the Defenders created when their methods took a darker turn.

  • For more information on the first team to call itself the Order, please check the Defenders page.

The Order (Initiative Team)Edit

The Order


First Appearance
Civil War #6 (February, 2007) [as the Champions], The Order #1 (September, 2007) [as the Order]
Mark Millar, Matt Fraction, Steve McNiven
The Order Headquarters, Los Angeles, California
Anthem, Aralune, Calamity, Supernaut, Pierce, Avona, Corona, Maul, Mulholland Black, Heavy, Veda, Aphrodite, Hercules
Rallying Cry

The second team to call itself the Order was a team of celebrities given super-powers by Tony Stark following the Superhero Civil War.


When Tony Stark created a system where each American State would have its own super-hero team, he chose a team of California celebrities (many of them looking for a second chance) and gave them superpowers and training to become California's most prominent superhero team.


Following the Superhero Civil War, an initiative was set in place to give each state one government sanctioned superhero team so that it would be protected by people with the proper training.  The team for California was formed with the initial intention of naming them the Champions (after a team that fought crime in Los Angeles for a time) before the name The Order was decided upon.

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