Peckster - Voiced by Scott Page-Pagter

After witnessing Zack receiving a kiss from Angela at the Youth Center, Rita decided to show Zack what a real what a real peck on the cheek feels like.  Rita storms into Finster's monster room.  Finster, what is taking you so long with my new monster?!  Finster tells her it's nearly finish and I think it's going to be worth the wait.  The Peckster can destroy any building with just a peck or two.  Peckster was sent down to Angel Grove and was soon battling Black Ranger in the city.  Black Ranger has a difficult time.  Peckster knocks Black Ranger against the wall and he falls to the ground.  Peckster gloats, is that the best you can do?  Black Ranger gets up and faces Peckster.  Peckster taunts Black Ranger.  You don't stand a chance against me, but try if you want to!  Black Ranger pulls out his Power Ax.  Black Ranger fights Peckster with the Power Ax.  Peckster strikes the Power Ax hard, causing it some damage.  Peckster flies up to the top of a building as he tells Black Ranger, see you later loser!  Black Ranger shouts, you haven't seen the last of me Peckster!  Later, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrive in the city and immediately spot Peckster flying above them.  Peckster makes his way towards the four Rangers, as they charge towards him.  As Peckster flies by them, he knocks each Ranger off their feet with his wings.  The four Rangers gather together and face down Peckster.  Peckster taunts them, oh no Rangers!  You better look before you leap!  The four Rangers glance down and are very surprised to see Putties.  The Putties quickly surround the four Rangers.  Peckster tells them, you're making this too easy!  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger battle the Putties.  Peckster flies into the battle.  Peckster knocks Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger to the ground.  Peckster brags, let me show you something.  I think you will get a bang out of it!  Peckster shoots several red darts from it's mouth, hitting the two Rangers and knocking them off their feet once more.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger leap towards Peckster.  Peckster avoids being struck and Red Ranger and Blue Ranger land on the ground.  Peckster uses his powerful wings and creates a wind storm.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger struggle against the wind.  Eventually they are lifted up into the air.  Peckster shoots more darts at them and they are hit several times.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger crash onto the ground.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger hurry over.  Yellow Ranger asks if they are alright?  Red Ranger replies, yeah, so far.  Peckster tells them, not for long.  Peckster charges towards the four Rangers.  Peckster fights the four Rangers and does well against them.  Suddenly Black Ranger leaps into battle and kicks Peckster hard, sending him flying.  The rest of the Rangers gathered around Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger notices Black Ranger holding a handful of balloons and asks, don't you think this is a bad time for a party?  Black Ranger replies, not if this idea works.  Black Ranger challenges Peckster.  Bet you can't pop these?  Peckster is eager to prove Black Ranger wrong.  Peckster leaps into the air and towards Black Ranger.  Peckster quickly pops all the balloons, except the black one.  Peckster's beck is stuck inside the rubber ball, which Black Ranger had disguised as a balloon.  Peckster rolls onto the ground, trying to remove the ball.  Black Ranger taunts, what's the matter bird breath?  Cat got your tongue?  Or does the ball got your beak?  Red Ranger tells Black Ranger great job.  Black Ranger thanks him.  It doesn't take much thought to beat a bird brain.  Peckster can't remove the ball and charges towards the Rangers.  Black Ranger states, I think it's time to make a feather duster out of you.  Black Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster and fires at Peckster.  Peckster is hit and knocked to the ground.

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