Pepsi Man

Real Name
Satoru Shujinko
First Appearance
Pepsiman commercial #1 (1994-5?)/ Very first version of Pepsiman was in Pepsi Commercial 1993 (Pepsiman feat. Paul Rodriguez)
Travis Charest (Character design), other creators unknown
Team Affliation
PepsiCo, Inc., Allegiance of Assistance
The Running Hero
Base of Operations
PepsiCo, inc. Headquarters of the UK
Enhanced Speed, Pepsi Summoning, Time Pause
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons
Pepsi, Bo staff.

Pepsiman, or Pepsi Man, is a superhero mascot for PepsiCo that had the power to deliver the beverage to those in need. He appeared in a total of 13 Pepsi commercials, as well as in his own comic series in Japan titled Pepsiman: Seigi no tame no tōsō.


Pepsiman was created as a result of scientist Satoru Shujinko accepting the power of the Holy Pepsi into his heart. After awaking from his transformation, Satoru, now Pepsiman, returns to the Pepsi headquarters of Japan at which he works. On his way into the building, he hears a cry from a distressed citizen, made thirsty by the slowly expanding sun. He then saves the citizen, as well as the planet, and assumes his rightful place as Pepsiman.


Pepsiman's former life is not well explained in the initial video game, though supplementary materials released by Pepsi and licensed distributors have expanded his background. It is not known where or when pepsiman was born, though it is known that his father was an addict, and he was born on a Tuesday. Pepsiman himself, however, has a much more detailed history.


Pepsiman is shown throughout the game to be a very brooding hero though he believes he has made the right choice in becoming the man he is. During his battle against the Eternal Moon, Pepsiman is forced to reflect on his enthusiasm to become, essentially, a corporate slave and walking advertisement. Pepsiman soon overcomes this conflict, however, when he remembers the joy people experience upon being supplied with soft drinks, and chooses to continue his life as Pepsiman.


  • Super Speed: Pepsiman can run at incredible speeds. though he lacks in accuracy, often leading to serious accidents.
  • Time Stop : Pepsiman is shown to be able to briefly pause time though only for a few milliseconds.
  • Superhuman Strength: Pepsiman has been shown to carry infinite pepsi, and that is a very impressive feat, as he was still at full speed.

Other mediaEdit

Pepsiman was also featured in his own video game simply called Pepsiman, where the premise is to dodge and avoid obstacles (most of which are Pepsi-branded) on route to giving someone a Pepsi.

Pepsiman was also an unlockable character for the fighting game Fighting Vipers.

Pepsiman also appeared as a background character in Street Fighter V's available story A Shadow Falls. Capcom has also expressed interest and enthusiasm at the concept of Pepsiman becoming a playable character in the future.

References in other mediaEdit

In the anime series Yakitate!! Japan, a character transforms briefly into a Pepsiman character named Pepniman.

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