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Perfect Man

Perfect Man.jpg

Real Name
First Appearance
The Awesomes, "Pilot, Part 1"
Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker
Team Affliations
The Awesomes
Base of Operations
Awesome Mountain
Superhuman strength, Super speed, Flight, Invulnerability, Perfect vision, Super hearing
Skills and Abilities
Crime Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Perfect Man is a vain, arrogant superhero in the animated TV series The Awesomes.

Perfect Man is voiced by Josh Meyers.


Perfect Man is the illegitimate son of the superhero Mr. Awesome (though he wouldn't find this out until later in his superhero career).  It is unclear why he became a hero, though it seems very likely he is simply driven by his own ego.


Perfect Man's history is largely unrevealed.  What is known is that he was born the illegitimate son of the superhero Mr. Awesome, though he wouldn't learn of this until much later in life.  He, at some point, discovered he had powers and decided to become the superhero Perfect Man and eventually joined the superhero team The Awesomes.  During this time, he was seeing the superheroine Hotwire, though their relationship was merely casual. After Mr. Awesome disappeared, the Awesomes disbanded until a new team with Mr. Awesome's other son, Prock, as the team leader.

Perfect Man ended up in a relationship with Hotwire, a superhero member of the Awesomes, though Perfect Man considered it casual.