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Garfield's Pet Force novel
Jim Davis
Garzooka, Abnermal, Odious, Starlena
Rallying Cry
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Garfield's Pet Force is a superhero team who star in a novel series and a direct-to-video computer animated film of the same name.


Direct-To-Video Movie[]

When comic book adaptations of Garfield and his friends crossed over into the real world, they were empowered with the abilities of their fictional counterparts.


Direct-To-Video Movie[]

The history of the team spans between two worlds: the comic book world and the real world (which is home to Garfield, a lazy and gluttonous cat). The Pet Force was originally a comic book created by Jon Arbuckle, Garfield's owner, based on his pets that became popular. When Garzooka, who is based on Garfield, one day emerges from a comic on a newstand, and seeks out Garfield's friends Odie, Nermal, and Arlene. While visiting Garfield's home, asked for the help of Garfield's friend and left Garfield a powerful object, the Klopman Crystal, to protect. He then traveled to the comic strip studio, where Garfield's friends were and met with them. Garzooka then revealed he escaped from the world of comics in need of help protecting his planet Dorkon from a villainess named Vetvix (a character based on Liz, Garfield's vet and Jon Arbuckle's on-again/off-again girlfriend) and that their counterparts are in trouble.

Garzooka then presented a serum to Odie, Nermal, and Arlene that would give them superpowers. However, the powers took a while to activate and when Garzooka realizes Vetvix's forces have made their way into the real world, the new team springs into action. Meanwhile, Garfield had the Klopman Crystal in the real world, causing him to be targeted Vetvix. Vetvix steals the crystal and orders her zombie henchmen to catch Garfield, but Garfield is able to escape and trap them.

Vetvix uses a special ray gun to mix up the Pet Force, but Garfield, transported to the comic book world, is able to rescue them and defeat Vetvix, turning her away from evil. Vetvix and the Prince of Dorkon (who was that world's version of Jon Arbuckle), soon fell in love and the threat ended. The original Pet Force and Garfield and his friends part ways, as the latter group is returned to the real world.


Original members[]

Garzooka - Based on Garfield, Garzooka is much more intrepid and heroic than the cat who inspired him.

Odious - Based on Odie, Odious has the power to stun things or grab things with his long tongue.

Starlena - Based on Arlene, Garfield's girlfriend, Starlena has the powers to fly.

Abnermal - Based on Nermal, Abnermal has super speed.

Replacement members[]

Garfield - Taking Garzooka's place was Garfield, a lazy cat whom Garzooka was based on.

Odie - Taking Odious place was Odie, a sweet yet gormless dog whom Odious was based on.

Arlene - Taking Starlena's place is Arlene, a street cat whom Starlena was based on.

Nermal - Taking Abnermal's place was Nermal, the world's cutest kitty-cat (according to himself), whom Abnermal was based on.