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Peter Petrelli


Real Name
Peter Petrelli
First Appearance
Heroes, "Genesis"
Tim Kring
Team Affliation
The Company (on occasion)
New York City
Power Mimicry
Skills and Abilities
Skilled Paramedic
Tools and Weapons

Peter Petrelli is one of the central characters on the TV series Heroes.

He is played by Milo Ventimiglia.


One of many super-powered individuals, Peter Petrelli was a nurse until the day he discovered that he had mysterious powers.



Peter Petrelli was born in 1979 and was the younger brother of Nathan Petrelli and is the son of Angela and Arthur Petrelli, two super-powered individuals who had very different plans for the future. After Arthur disappeared (it was believed by the public he was dead) Angela raised the boys on her own and followed different careers; while Nathan became a respected politician, Peter became a nurse.

Genesis (Season 1)[]

Later, Peter had a dream of Nathan getting involved in a serious car accident before (or at least as) it occurred, making him question how it happened. Soon, he began to dream he could fly and became convinced that he could. Eventually, he was so convinced, he threw himself off a building, only to be saved by his brother Nathan, who did have that power.

However, Peter slowly learns that he does have a power; the power to absorb and copy the power of anyone he meets who also has powers. Peter, looking for answers, begins searching for the author Mohinder Suresh, the author of the book Activating Evolution that deals with the very theories that Peter is experiencing. When he meets him, they begin to talk, but while on a subway train, Peter sees that time has frozen and has a message from a Japanese man claiming "Save the cheerleader, save the world."

The man, Hiro Nakamura, is a time traveler from the future, who asks Peter to play the role of hero (also noting he looks different "without his scar"). He asks him to visit Isaac Mendez, a painter with powers of precognition, who he discovers has half-painted a picture of a woman who has been mutilated and murdered, Peter copies Isaac's powers and finished the painting, revealing more about who may have killed her.

Some time later, Peter learns that the painting was sold to a rich man named Linderman in Vegas and Peter, believing the painting to be an important clue to solving the mystery of the cheerleader, feels that he needs to retrieve it. Believing Nathan can help, he goes to his house hoping that he can convince Linderman into selling the painting. However, when he gets to Nathan's, he discovered that Nathan had just escaped a kidnapping, and believes that he was targeted due to his superpowers.

Eventually, Peter is lead to Odessa, Texas, where he learns that the girl in the painting, Claire Bennet, is living as a high school cheerleader. Peter then flew to Odessa (briefly meeting a man named Ando on the way, who he learns is connected with Hiro Nakamura) to save Claire and manages to protect her from Sylar, nearly dying, only to be saved by copying Claire's own powers; accelerated healing.

While unconscious after the confrontation with Sylar, Peter has a vision of himself exploding and destroying the city of New York. Later, after returning homes, the visions begin to repeat, causing him to consider leaving the city (and any heavily populated area) for fear of causing the death of many innocents. By happenstance, Peter found another powered human that only he could see named Claude Rains. After some initial reluctance, Peter convinced Claude (who Peter sees as being experienced with his own powers) to train him to use his powers with more skill. Soon, Peter learned that he can access any power he has copied by thinking back to the person he absorbed the power from but Peter ended up seperated from his new mentor following the sudden arrival of Noah Bennet, who was looking to capture them both.

After escaping, Peter paid a visit to Isaac and the two ended up in a fight related to Isaac's connection to Bennet, which resulted in Isaac's girlfriend Simone getting shot. Later, Peter arrived at Mohinder's apartment, only to find Sylar there instead, who proceeds to attack him. Peter seemingly died but the healing powers he gained from Claire allowed him to survive and heal and continue his hunt for Sylar.  Before confronting Sylar, Peter gained the powers of Ted Sprague, a man who emits high levels of radiation, and soon finds himself having difficulty controlling it. After having a mysterious vision and met the man in it, Claude, an invisible thief, who reluctantly trained Peter on the use of his powers


Mainly he has power mimicry which is why he has a lot of powers.

  • Emits Radiation (from Ted Sprague)
  • Teleports and travels through time (from Hiro Nakamura)
  • Healing Factor (from Claire Bennet)
  • Can fly (from his brother Nathan Petrelli)
  • Psychic (can read minds from Matt Parkman)
  • Telekinisis (move objects with his mind from Sylar)
  • Invisbility (from Claude Rains)
  • Can draw the future (from Isaac Mendez)
  • Super Strength (from Niki Sanders)
  • Phase through walls (from D.L Hawkins)
  • Shoot lighting (from Elle Bishop).

Peter after a Brave New World.[]

Peter moved back in with his mother. It's unknown if Peter ever got all his powers back. Peter went into hiding with his mother.