The Phantom Stranger

Phantom Stranger Prime Earth 001

Real Name
First Appearance
Phantom Stranger (Vol. 1) #1 (August–September, 1952)
John Broome, Carmine Infantino
Team Affliations
The Quintessence. Justice League, The Trenchcoat Brigade, Sentinels of Magic
Brotherless One, Grey Walker
Base of Operations
Magic spells, Immortality, Omniscience
Skills and Abilities
Ancient Wisdom, Magical Skills
Tools and Weapons
Medallion of Magic

The Phantom Stranger is a mysterious figure and occassional superhero in the DC Universe.


Silver Age

His origin at this point is mysterious, though it has been theorized that he was one of the men who tortured Jesus Christ, an angel who took neither side in the war between Heaven and Hell or perhaps an entity from a universe that existed before the big bang.

New 52

Judas Iscariot was brought before 7 powerful wizards for his sins, and was transformed into a mystical man without a home named the Phantom Stranger.


Silver Age/Pre- and Post- Crisis

Not much is known about the Phantom Stranger and there are many theoretical origins to the character, suggesting he was perhaps a man cursed for whipping Jesus, an angel and even a survivor of the previous universe. As originally seen, he often told people stories of horror, but it was not uncommon for him to appear in the stories to effect the outcome and sometimes to help those in need. When getting involved, he often debunked fake supernatural events, not letting on that he himself was a paranormal entity. He has appeared several times in the presence of Madame Xanadu over the course of her long life from the days of Camelot to modern day.

He later appeared and though rarely taking direct action, gave aid to superheroes who were facing supernatural threats. Due to the aid he gave, the Justice League of America offered him membership, though he disappeared before giving an answer (though later he addressed himself as a member). 

Since then, he rarely became directly involved in human affairs, often standing back to observe events from above, such as Darkseid's attempt to conquer the Earth through Glorious Godfrey, though there were times where he would bring events (mystical or cosmic in nature) to the attention of heroes, and giving them key pieces of information. It is uncertain if he does not intervene out of indifference or being prevented from acting.  He also assisted the world's heroes in stopping the villain Eclipso from starting nuclear war.

He later acted as one of the guides for Tim Hunter, a boy with the potential to be the most powerful sorceror on Earth, to show him the nature of magic.  When Hal Jordan, once the superhero Green Lantern, attempted to ressurect by reuniting his body with his soul in Heaven, The Phantom Stranger, fearing some dangerous reprecussions, attempted to prevent him from doing so, but failed.

New 52

When the history of the DC Universe was rewritten in the wake of the Flashpoint, so was the history of the Phantom Stranger, though it was unclear if perhaps what happened in the previous history happened in the latter. This version of the Phantom Stranger was in fact Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus Christ and for his crime he is called before 7 powerful wizards, who resembled the Justice League. For his sins, the wizards cursed Judas to walk the Earth for eternity along with Pandora and an unnamed figure resembling the Question. The curse ensured that he would be a stranger to all and a silent observer to sin (especially greed).

Tv shows

Almost all of the Dc shows, (he is very important).


Teleportation, energy manipulation, immortality, supernatural knowledge, intelligence

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