Phantom Stranger Prime Earth 001


Not much is known about the Phantom Stranger. He was a member of the infamous Trinity of sin. Vastly knowable and a mystery to everyone who meets him. Condemned for betrayal, the circle of eternity sentenced the Phantom Stranger and his fellow sinners - The Question and Pandora- to eternal punishments specific to their crimes. For the the Phantom Stranger he would forever remain a stranger to those who he meets, cursed to see the world's fate, but never truly be part of it. Throughout the history of Mankind has appeared to heroes. Knowing more than he should've and cursed to witness catastrophes but, never intervene himself, he has gone so far to influence other's decisions but to what end ? Nobody knows.

Tv shows

Almost all of the Dc shows, (he is very important).


Teleportation, energy manipulation, immortality, supernatural knowledge, intelligence

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