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Phone Ranger

Phone Ranger.png

Real Name
A. G. Bell
First Appearance
Marvel Age Annual #1 (1985)
Kurt Busiek, James Fry
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
New York City
Can interface to any telecommunications system
Skills and Abilities
Novice fighter

Phone Ranger is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and claims the bizarre mission of protecting telephones.


A. G. Bell was a phone repairman who discovered alien technology in phone during one of his jobs.  Using the technology, Bell learned to tap into all telecommunications technology as the Phone Ranger.


Very little is known about A.G. Bell's past or even his full name.  He became a phone repairman who was sent out to fix a phone, unaware that through a strange twist of fate, it had inadvertently become a prison for the tiny alien race known as the Seltas.  He found the technology, recreating it in his own home and using it to create a device that allowed him to directly interface with any form of communications technology.  He then created the superhero identity of the Phone Ranger, using his communications-based powers to fight crime.

Later, Phone Ranger nearly died after an assassination attempt by the mysterious figure known as the Scourge of the Underworld by was saved when the bullet was caught in the large phone on his costume.  The Phone Ranger was last seen being arrested for breaking the laws enacted by the Superhuman Registration Act and was likely released when those laws were repealed.


Information needed.


Using his specially adapted suit, The Phone Ranger can use his technology to tap into any communication device, in particular phone lines.