Plastic Man is a superhero in the DC Universe and originally appeared in comics by Quality Comics.

Plastic ManEdit

Plastic Man

Plastic Man

Real Name
Patrick O'Brian
First Appearance
Police Comics #1 (August, 1941)
Jack Cole
Team Affiliations
Justice League, FBI, Freedom Fighters, NBI, All-Star Squadron, Elastic Four, Secret Six, Terrifics, Justice League of Anarchy
Plastic Man, "Eel" O'Brian
Base of Operations
Mammoth City, USA
Elasticity, Plasticity, Malleability, Resilience, Durability, Agility, Regeneration, Immunity to Telepathy, Invulnerablity, Immortality
Skills and Abilities
Sneaky, Creative
Tools and Weapons

Patrick "Eel" O'Brian is Plastic Man, the Golden Age superhero formerly owned by Quality Comics and now owned by DC Comics.


Patrick O'Brian is former criminal "Eel" O'Brian. After exposure to unknown chemicals, he devoted his life to heroism, often riding the line between hero and antihero.


Quality ComicsEdit

Patrick O'Brian was orphaned at age 10. He was forced to live on the streets and became a criminal under the alias "Eel". During a heist with a few other robbers at Crawford Chemical Plant, Eel was shot in the shoulder by a guard and was doused in a mysterious chemical. Patrick stumbled out of the building to discover that his associates had abandoned him. Dazed and confused, Patrick collapsed by the foothills of the city, and was nursed back to health by a monk. The monk protected Patrick from imprisonment, seeing a great ability for good in Patrick. This act of kindness and the abandonment by his fellow criminals lead Patrick to a life of crime fighting and a desire to reform from his criminality. Patrick discovered the chemical had endowed him with the abilities of molten rubber. Patrick decided to use his newfound abilities to fight crime as Plastic Man, donning a red, black, and yellow costume with white goggles to conceal his identity. Patrick, as Plastic Man, later joined the police force and even the FBI.

DC ComicsEdit

In DC Comics, Plastic Man's origin is nearly identical, the main difference being that his namesake was achieved on accident. Patrick proclaimed himself as Elastic Man. However, a news reporter misunderstood, and referred to Patrick as Plastic Man. Plastic Man has become a member of several organizations, most prominently the Justice League. In DC's Dark Nights: Metal, the chemical Patrick was exposed to was created in an attempt by the Court of Owls to recreate rare and powerful metals. Plastic Man (after the events of Dark Nights: Metal) joined a team with Phantom Girl, Metamorpho, and Mr. Terrific, which he himself named The Terrifics. Plastic Man is to have a six-comic series written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Adriana Melo.

Associates and RougesEdit

Plastic Man has had one constant sidekick and friend in the comics, Woozy Winks, though the story of how the two met has changed several times. Plastic Man, being a member of the Justice League, has often teamed up with other heroes. Plastic Man has had several rouges of his own, the most famous of which being Doctor Dome and Lady Granite.

Other MediaEdit

Plastic Man has been seen on the small screen on occasion. He debuted on Super Friends to pull a mouse out of a computer. Plastic Man had his own animated show with live action segments which had a thirty-five episode run. Plastic Man has most notably appeared in Cartoon Network shorts, Young Justice, Justice League Action, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Plastic Man was name-dropped on CW's The Flash and referenced in episodes of The Simpsons.

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