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Power Pack

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First Appearance
Power Pack #1 (May, 1984 release; August, 1984 cover)
Louise Simonson, June Brigman
Bainbridge Island
Alex Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, Katie Power, Franklin Richards
Rallying Cry
Starship Friday

The Power Pack is a superhero team of children in the Marvel Universe.


When the Power siblings (Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie) found their parents were kidnapped by aliens, a good alien named Whitey gave the children his powers so they could save the day. After doing so, they decided to continue using their powers as the superhero team Power Pack.


Power Play[]

Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power were four normal kids whose father, James Power, had discovered a revolutionary new power source that was efficient and ecologically safe. However, James was unaware that the power source had the potential to destroy the planet. The alien Aelfyre Whitemane took notice of this, as his world had also been destroyed by the very same device. The alien race known as the Zn'rx were also aware of the device and shot down Aelfyre's ship before he could warn James Power, in the hopes that he complete and it they could take it for themselves.

The Power kids discovered Aelfyre and explained his situation and how their father was in danger. He also told them that he was dying that that his race, which has fantastical powers, can transfer their powers upon death. Aelfyre then transferred his powers to the four children, giving each of them different powers.  Alex gained the power to alter gravity, Julie discovered she could fly at high speeds, Jack could control the density of objects, and Katie gained the power to absorb and control energy.  The four children decided to defeat the Zn'rx (or Snarks) and became a superhero team: the Power Pack. The gang used secret identities and used codenames: Alex became Gee, Julie became Lightspeed, Jack became Mass Master and Katie became Energizer.  Together, they used Whitemane's ship, the Starship Friday, as a base and mode of transportation.

Together, the kids used their powers and defeated the Snarks and rescued their parents.  They decided to continue hiding their superpowered lives as the Power Pack secret from their parents and friends for their own safety, a fact that would sometimes cause them feelings of guilt.  As their adventures went on, events would occur that would result in team members swapping powers (and as a result, changing codenames). The Powers' parents eventually learned the truth about the kids dual identities, resulting in mental strain over their children risking their lives as heroes.

The family eventually moved to New York City where they had to juggle their personal problems as well as battling supervillains in their alter egos. In the city, they continue to train in team work and using their powers and encounter the android the Dragon Man, a hypnotic alien snake named Snake-Eyes and the mutant outcasts the Morlocks, as well as meeting the superheroes Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger and the X-Men. During this time they fought powerful villains including the dark elf Kurse, as well as Sabretooth during the "mutant massacre", in which many of the Morlocks, a group of outcast living in the sewers of New York, were attacked and killed by assassins. They also befriended Franklin Richards, child of the superheroes Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four (and through them, befriended Richards).

In other Media[]

Appears in a episode of Super Hero Squad Show