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Power Pants Pete is the identity taken up by Pete the Cat in the episode of the kids show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse known as Super Adventure. He was tasked by Mega Mort with shrinking the clubhouse hangout of Mickey and his friends, and nearly succeeded until he was defeated and betrayed, prompting him to change his ways.


Originally, Power Pants Pete was a villain and the henchman of Mega Mort. While working for Mega Mort, Power Pants Pete would pilot Mega Mort's zeppelin and fly down to the surface to take everything that was shrunk. However, after he was defeated and failed to steal an Eiffel Tower lookalike, Mega Mort betrayed and shrunk him as well. Because of this, Power Pants Pete had a change of heart and teamed up with the Clubhouse Heroes. Together, they stopped Mega Mort and saved Mickey, who had been shrunk by Mega Mort after losing his powers, due to them being temporary, and turned everything that was shrunk back to its normal size.


  • This was the second costumed identity that Pete took up in the show, the first being Puzzler Pete.
  • Power Pants Pete revealed that he didn't really mean to shrink everything, but he was being forced to by Mega Mort, or he'd be shrunk as well.