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Power Princess

Power Princess.jpg

Real Name
Zarda Shelton
First Appearance
Defenders (Vol. 1) #112 (October, 1982)
J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin
Team Affiliations
Squadron Supreme, Golden Agency, Exiles
Claire Debussy
Base of Operations
Mobile; formerly Utopia Isle, Squadron City; Squadron Satellite; Crystal Palace
Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Endurance, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Master at hand-to-hand combat and weapons fighting
Transparent Shield

Power Princess is a superheroine in the Marvel Multiverse and is often a member of the Squadron Supreme.


Hailing from a hidden utopia, Zarda met a sailor whom she saved and decided to follow him into the wider world to help people and teach them a better way of life.

Squadron Sinister was a team of villains who looked like the DC Comics Justice League characters (but with her having an invisible shield different from the DC character she is based on), and after they were defeated, the characters met their versions of an alternate world where these characters are good (Squadron Supreme) and are still alive, and have become allies of the avengers.


This character appears in the cartoon Super hero Squad Show (where she has telekinesis). And in the Avengers Assemble animated drawing where the characters of the sinister squadron are so similar to those of DC that the audience even has the illusion that this is a crossover between marvel and DC. But with her being called Zarda, and she has a magic hammer that only she can carry.