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First Appearance
Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, "The Birth" (the Japanese incarnation that was the basis for the first American Series), Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, "Day of the Dumpster" (American version)
Toei Company, Haim Saban
Various HQ in various incarnations
Rallying Cry
"It's Morphin Time"!

The Power Rangers are a group of superheroes that star in the various Power Ranger TV series, themselves based on the Japanese Sentai Ranger franchise. Though each team has a different story, they always consist of teenagers battling aliens, robots, mutants, and other creatures that threaten the Earth, they use transformation devices called "morphers". These give the Rangers access to giant robots, called "Zords". These zords, can then combine to form a bigger, humanoid robot called a "Megazord". Combined with auxillary zords that are either controlled by extra rangers, team-controlled, or autopiloted, Megazord becomes either Ultrazord or just a bigger version of itself with pieces randomly hanging off of it.

With each series, the central villain is defeated, but a new one always arises, summoning a new team of Rangers to battle.

Mighty Morphin'[]

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The first Power Rangers team were referred to as the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, which were based on the TV Japanese TV series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.


When the ancient witch Rita Repulsa was freed from her prison in the Moon, the entity Zordon found 5 teenagers and embued them with powers and weapons to fight her forces.


In 1993, two astronauts released Rita Repulsa, an evil, alien witch from her prison on Earth's Moon. Almost immediately, she, with her goons, Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster began to attack the Earth. Zordon, her archenemy, with his robot assistant Alpha 5, awoke from their slumber and summoned five teenagers with attitude: Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Zack, & Billy. These teens from the city of Angel Grove were given powered suits and weapons (which can be summoned with special coins) to help fight against Rita Repulsa and her minions. Such weapons included their five power vehicles called Zords, which looked like robot versions of prehistoric animals. In addition, together these vehicles could form a giant robots called the Megazord, capable of defeating giant foes. They proved successful and continued to battle the succession of monsters that Rita would summon (most created by her scientist henchman Finster), as well as her army, the Putties.

As they battled on, Rita was eventually able to manipulate a young man named Tommy into fighting for her. The Rangers and Tommy, in the guise of the Green Ranger, battled each other until the Rangers were able to overcome Rita's brainwashing. Tommy then joined the Rangers with his very own Zord and Power Ranger paraphernalia. The five, with the help of Tommy, then continued to trump Rita many times.

But then, Rita used a green candle Tommy had touched during his spell as evil Green Ranger, to deplete Tommy's powers and return them to her. She succeeded in draining his powers, but Zordon told Tommy to give his power coin to Jason, which would give Jason access to Tommy's Dragon Shield and Dragonzord.

The Rangers continued to battle and win against Rita's forces.  During one scheme, Rita managed to gain hold of the power coins, leaving the Rangers seemingly defeated.  However, Jason still held Tommy's coin and the team worked on a plan to restore Tommy's power.  The plan worked and a newly repowered Tommy recovered the other's coins and re-joined the group.

After constantly being thwarted, Rita found herself confronted by Lord Zedd, a supervillain more powerful than her who decided to take over her plans and sealed her back into the dumpster she was previously sealed in.  Lord Zedd set his new "Super Putties" on the Rangers, though the Rangers were able to overcome him and his forces again and again.  Eventually, Tommy lost his power once again thanks to Zedd's machinations, but he later rejoined the team in the new guise as the White Ranger.

Other Seasons[]

  • Zeo (1996)
  • Turbo (1997)
  • In Space (1998)
  • Lost Galaxy (1999)
  • Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
  • Time Force (2001)
  • Wild Force (2002)
  • Ninja Storm (2003)
  • Dino Thunder (2004)
  • S.P.D. (2005)
  • Mystic Force (2006)
  • Operation Overdrive (2007)
  • Jungle Fury (2008)
  • RPM (2009)
  • Samurai (2011-2012)
  • Megaforce (2013-2014)
  • Dino Charge (2015-2016)
  • Ninja Steel (2017-2018)
  • Beast Morphers (2019-2020)
  • Dino Fury (2021-2022)
  • Crystal Force (2023-2024)

Theme Song[]


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show Intro