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The Powerpuff Girls

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First Appearance
The Whoop-Ass Girls (prototype), What A Cartoon "Powerpuff Girls: Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" (as the Powerpuff Girls)
Craig McCracken
Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup
Professor Utonium's House
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets
Emergency Phone Line

The Powerpuff Girls are a superhero team and the main characters in the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.


When scientific genius decided to create the perfect little girl using sugar, spice and everything nice, the potent chemical known only as Chemical X is added to the concoction, creating three little girls with ultra-super powers.


The Beginning[]

In the City of Townsville, Professor Utonium was a brilliant scientist trying to create the perfect little girls, using the ingredients sugar, spice and everything nice. However, the Professor's rambunctious lab monkey assistant accidentally broke a vial containing the mysterious concoction known as Chemical X into the mixture, resulting in the creation of three little girls with "ultra super powers". The Professor was immediately taken with the children and took them in as his own children, naming them Blossom (for her openness), Bubbles (for her bubbly personality), and Buttercup (because it also starts with a "b").

The Professor soon enrolled the children in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, but soon the children get in trouble once they use their powers in a game of tag that gets disastrously out of control, destroying much of the City of Townsville. Soon the Girls were shunned by the town until a mysterious stranger came to them promising to help them gain redemption. The mysterious stranger, Mojo Jojo, was in fact the same lab monkey who caused the accident, now granted super-intelligence from the exposure to Chemical X. Mojo asks for various items to be procured and tasks accomplished, which he promises will help them be seen as heroes in the eyes of Townsville. However, when it is time for the plan to succeed, Mojo reveals his plot was to conquer Townsville by turning other monkeys super-intelligent. Feeling ashamed of the part they played in the conquest of Townsville, the Girls flee the Earth, and stay on a meteorite, lamenting their actions.

Soon, however, they realize they cannot abandon Townsville and upon their return, when trying to protect the innocent, they realize their super strength and speed gives them an edge over the super-intelligent monkeys. Soon the girls were able to defeat the monkeys with their powers, as well as Mojo Jojo, even after he increased his own strength with Chemical X. After this, the girls became celebrated superheroes and took on the name "The Powerpuff Girls".

Further Adventures[]

With the Girls as the city's new protectors, their home and kindergarten was given emergency hotlines to the mayor as well as an emergency "Powerpuff Signal" to summon them whenever trouble reared its head. Soon the Girls developed their own rogues gallery of villains including Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, the Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, and the Amoeba Boys.

Eventually, Mojo Jojo revealed that we was created by Prof. Utonium (who had no memory of the event) and used the Professor's sense of responsibility to trick him into bestowing Mojo with Chemical X-enhanced powers. Mojo soon used his powers to fight the Girls, completely overpowering them. When things seemed their worse, the Professor's memory of  and revealed to Mojo that his rambunctious behavior is what caused the explosion that gave him his intelligence and created the Girls, meaning that he was the one who truly created them. This caused Mojo to go into catatonic shock, giving the Girls more than enough time to depower him and send him to jail.

Tired of constant defeats by the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo created his own super-powered children: The Rowdyruff Boys. Though the Girls were defeated at first, they ended up destroying them with a kiss on the cheek.

At school, the Girls would meet Princess, a spoiled brat who becomes jealous of the Girl's popularity and powers and vows to join them.  The Girls reject her for her attitude and lack of powers, but Princess arrives later with a superpowered suit making her for a match for the girls.  However, the Girls eventually defeat her, and Princess is defeated (though a recurring thorn in their sides).

Later, the Girls would learn that many of the monsters attacking Townsville come specifically to challenge the Powerpuff Girls, so that if they survive the battle, the monsters would return home with honor.

After many more adventures, the girls decide they want a new member and attempt to recreate the Professor's experiment to make a new Powerpuff Girl. In their attempt, they create the well-intentioned but deformed and low-intelligence fourth Powerpuff, Bunny. Though Bunny was accident prone and even seemed to be a burden on the Powerpuff Girls at first, she proved her worth, sacrificing her life for her sisters. The Girls would later attempt to join the superhero team the Justice Friends, but are soon put off by the team's sexist attitudes.  Though they prove themselves to the Justice Friends, they still refuse them membership, but after the Girls defeat a villain too powerful for the Justice Friends, they admitted their interest in joining the Powerpuff Girls.

Knock It Off[]

When the Professor's old college roommate, Dick Hardly, learns about the Powerpuff Girls, he ends up creating his own cloned versions of the Girls he called Powerpuff X-Treme.  He ends up taking them international and starts to use them in unethical ways.  The Girls and the Professor confront Dick who turns against them by ingesting Chemical X and turning into a monster.  However, in the end, the Professors love for the Girls leads their clones to turn against Dick and they sacrifice themselves to destroy him.

The Boys Are Back In Town[]

Later, the evil demon Him ressurects the Rowdyruff Boys, making them stronger than before and immune their their previous weaknesses.  The Girls eventually discover that when their masculinity is threatened, they shrink in size and the Girls defeat the Boys by embarrassing them.

The Powerpuff Girls Rule![]

The Girls would later learn of an artifact called "The Key to the World", that would allow the possessor to control the Earth and end up trying to stop villains from obtaining it. They succeed and then decide to rule the world for themselves to make it a better place, only to find themselves at odds in deciding the best way to rule the world.

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