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The Powerpunk Girls

Powerpunk Girls.jpg

First Appearance
Powerpuff Girls (Vol. 1) #50 (July, 2004)
Sean Carolan, Jennifer Moore, Phil Moy, Christopher Cook, Mike DeCarlo
Oppressor Plutonium's House
Berserk, Brat, Brute
Rallying Cry

The Powerpunk Girls are the evil alternate universe versions of the Powerpuff Girls  who first appeared in the 50th issue of the first Powerpuff Girls comic book series, which was based on the animated series of the same name.


Created by the evil Oppressor Plutonium, the Powerpunk Girls hail from a parallel universe where good and evil is reversed.


In a reality different (and profoundly darker) than that of the Powerpuff Girls, Oppressor Plutonium, an evil scientist who is his reality's version of Professor Utonium, created the Powerpunk Girls using salt, vinegar and everything nasty (as well as Chemical X).  Rather than saving the day and helping people, they much preferred to cause trouble for the city they call home, Vilestown.  Eventually, they find a way to travel dimensions to find Townsville, which they try to destroy, only to be thwarted by the Powerpuff Girls.  The only true threat they face is a heroic monkey named Jomo Momo, the good counterpart to the evil Mojo Jojo.

Eventually, they find their way into the world of the Powerpuff Girls through the mirror in their room.  However, the Powerpunk Girls were defeated by the Powerpuff Girls, who sent them back into their home dimension.


Berserk - The evil version of Blossom and whereas Blossom is the most even headed and disciplined in her group, Berserk lives up to her name with her savagery.

Brat - The evil version of Bubbles who, instead of being sweet and gentle, is superficial and selfish.

Brute - The evil version of Buttercup, who is crueler than her rough and tumble counterpart.