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Real Name
Moliarty (other names unknown)
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "That Sinking Feeling"
Tad Stones
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Under St. Canard
Skills and Abilities
Leadership, Inventing, Strategy
Tools and Weapons
Kineto Beam

Professor Moliarty is a super-villain in the animated series Darkwing Duck and is the ruler of the mole people.

Professor Moliarty played by Jim Cummings.


A citizen of the mole society, Moliarty decided to apply his criminal genius to take over the surface world for the benefit of his people.


Very little of Moliarty's past has been revealed.  When he first appears, he already seems in control of the subterrean world he hails from.  Darkwing first encounters him when he attempts to use his new invention, the Kineto Beam, to block out the sun and allow him and his forces to conquer St. Canard.  However, he and his army are soon defeated by Darkwing Duck and his friends.

When he next appears, his attempt to steal a radioactive element causes Moliarty to accidentally irradiate a spider, which grows to enormous proportions.  After the spider bites Darkwing, it accidentally gives him spider-like powers, which results in Darkwing taking on a new superhero identity; Arachno-Duck.  "Arachno-Duck" defeats Moliarty and eventually returns himself to normal.

On a later date, Moliarty's plans lead Darkwing to the city of Kung Pow, where Darkwing defeated Moliarty.


  • Moliarty had a few comic book appearances. Note that his appearance in Disney Adventures may not be considered in the same continuity as the other comics and the comics in general may or may not be considered in continuity with the TV show.

Disney Adventures[]

Moliarty and a gang of other villains are arrested in the midst of a viewing party for a beauty pageant.

Darkwing Duck (Boom Comics)[]

Moliarty is seen as a member of a criminal group called the League of Barely-Remembered Villains.


Skills and Abilities[]