Professor X


Real Name
Professor Charles Xavier
First Appearance
X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (September, 1963)
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
X-Men, Illuminati, Genoshan Excalibur, Cadre K, Brotherhood of Mutants, Shi'ar Imperium, Starjammers, The Twelve, Defenders
Onslaught, Consort-Royal, Founder, X, Warlord, Entity
Base of Operations
Salem Center, New York
Telepathy, Psychic Empathy, Mind-reading and control, Memory alteration and erasure, Mental bolts, Psionic blasts, Induced paralysis, Illusion casting, Astral projection, Eidetic memory
Skills and Abilities
Genius-Level Intellect, Skilled Strategist and Teacher,
Tools and Weapons
Cerebro, Wheelchair (in some cases, a high tech chair), The Danger Room

Professor X (Professor Charles Xavier) is the founder of the superhero team The X-Men in the Marvel Universe and an incredibly powerful mutant hero.


Raised into a wealthy family, Charles Xavier was born a mutant with psychic powers that isolated him from society as a whole. As he grew older, he used his powers to spread understanding and created a school to help teach other mutants and train them to both protect themselves and the humans that hate and fear them.



Charles Xavier was born to the wealthy Dr. Brian Xavier, a nuclear scientist and Sharon Xavier (later Sharon Xavier-Marko) in New York City. While still in the womb, Charles mutant power activated, sensing Charles twin sister as a dangerous presence and instinctively tried to kill it. The twin was long thought dead and Charles Xavier was not aware of his until some time later.

Kurt and Cain MarkoEdit

As a child, Charles Xavier was a child who grew up with loving parents but was a relatively quiet child who did not have many friends. After Charles' father died in an accident, Charles' mother remarried Dr. Kurt Marko and they moved in to the Xavier Mansion along with Kurt Marko's son Cain. Kurt Marko soon took to Charles, which neglecting and mistreating his own son, which lead to Cain abusing and bullying Charles as a result and Kurt would beat Cain in kind. Sharon eventually married Kurt, unaware that he was marrying her for her money, as Kurt was always jealous of Brian Xavier's wealth.

It was around this time that Charles began to develop strong psychic abilities caused by a then unknown mutation (the psychic energy also caused him to go bald at a young age) and as these powers developed, he unconsciously created a subtle psychic bond with his mother. This sudden change caused him to lose his hair due to the side effects of the psychic energy. This was also when Charles read Kurt Marko's mind and discovered that he didn't love Sharon and married her because he coveted Brian Xavier's fortune. Meanwhile, as time passed, Kurt began neglecting Sharon, which drove her towards alcoholism and later Kurt would become abusive towards her and Cain. Charles tried to use his psychic powers to connect with his mother's mind to help alleviate her suffering brought on by Kurt's abuse of her. He also experienced Cain's physical and emotional abuse psychically but could not control this sensation (Cain was also more aggressive to Xavier at this point as well). Soon after, Sharon died (supposedly of a broken heart), leaving Xavier in the care of the Markos.

During a heated argument between Kurt and Cain, Cain accused Kurt of murdering Brian Xavier. Charles overheard the conversation and confronted the two about the truth, but during the argument, Cain threw a vial of chemicals which caused an explosion. Kurt saved the two children from the catastrophe but was mortally wounded in the process and in his last moments begged Charles for forgiveness (revealing that while he didn't directly kill him, he chose not to save him when he had the chance) and advised Charles not to let Cain know about Charles' powers (which he had been aware of for some time). However, Cain did learn and believed that Charles involuntary use of his powers was a deliberate action and from then on swore vengeance on Charles.


After he was orphaned, Xavier used the money left to him and put much of it towards his education. Being a particularly gifted child, he entered Bard's College in his teens and graduated from Harvard at age 16. Xavier then went to Oxford's college for his graduate studies and to gain a Ph.D in Genetics where he met and began a romance with a young student named Moira Kinross. Meanwhile, Marko (who was still living in the Xavier mansion) continued to chafe at his jealousy towards Xavier's educational and mutant gifts and after losing a fistfight to him felt even more bitterly towards him. Xavier would also briefly meet mutant soldiers (Logan and Victor Creed) who warned Xavier of mutant imprisonment in America, which he failed to heed. His inaction would be a source of shame later in life.  Xavier and Moira had intended to be married, but Xavier had been drafted into the army, seperating them for a time.

The Korean WarEdit

Xavier went onto fight in the Korean War, alongside Cain (who was in his unit) and was witness to Cain discovering a strange ruby that transformed Cain into a powerful superhuman known as the Juggernaut before seeing him seemingly die.  Xavier also served with fellow soldier Carmen Pryde, who gave him the nickname "the Good Shepard".

Interest in Human Mutant RelationsEdit

After Moira broke off their relationship for reasons unknown to him, Charles fell into a depression and deciding to use his family wealth to travel abroad.

TV ShowsEdit

All of the X-Men films and cartoon series.

Equipment and abilitiesEdit

His cerebro helmet which increases his telepathic abilities and helps him find other mutants. His abilities is reading minds.