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The Prowler


Real Name
Hobie Brown
First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #78 (November, 1969)
Stan Lee, John Buscema
Team Affliations
Parker Industries, Wild Pack, Outlaws, Defenders for a Day
Base of Operations
New York City
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Prowler Suit

The Prowler is a supervillain turned hero in the Marvel Universe and an ally of Spider-Man.


A brilliant engineer, window washer Hobie Brown was inspired by superheroes to create a special building climbing suit for window washing. After losing his job, he decided to use his new suit to commit crime as The Prowler. After battling Spider-Man, the Prowler decided to reform and became a crime fighter.


Hobie Brown was born and raised in the Bronx by his father "Tiger" and his unnamed mother and grew up with his 8 other siblings (including his brother Abraham). A bright inventor, Hobie nonetheless needed to work as a window washer to pay his bills when he became older.  During a battle between the superhero Daredevil and the supervillain the Stilt-Man, Hobie was inspired to make a supersuit like the Stilt-Man's.  Initially, he made the costume that would allow a window washer to cllimb a building to wash it via special claws and boots, but after losing his job he realized the suit had criminal potential.  He remodeled it, turning the cleaning fluid dispensers into sleeping gas dispensers, as well as adding a hood.  Calling himself the Prowler, he attempted to steal from the Daily Bugle, only to run into the superhero Spider-Man.

Spider-Man defeated Hobie and unmasked him to find that he was about the same age as himself.  Deciding his crimes were minor and unfulfilled and that no one was hurt, Spider-Man allowed Hobie to go free if he promised never to act as a criminal again, to which Hobie agreed.  Hobie reformed his life, though had returned to his Prowler activity to fight Spider-Man after Spider-Man was falsely accused of the murder of Police Captain George Stacy. Hobie met his wife Mindy, married her and began a career in construction work.


Appears in Spider Man (1990) and Spider Man into Spider-verse.