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Real Name
Eugene Milton Judd
First Appearance
Alpha Flight (Vol. 1) #1 (August, 1983)
John Byrne
Team Affliations
Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, X-Force
Base of Operations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, durability and superhuman longevity
Skills and Abilities
Skilled Fighter
Tools and Weapons

Puck is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight.


Once a tall adventurer, Eugene Milton Judd attempted to steal the Black Blade of Baghdad, a mystical artifact.  However, he soon was both given immortality at the price of half his height.  Eventually he joined the superhero team Alpha Flight as Puck.


Early Years[]

Eugene Milton was born in Canada in 1914 but exactly where he was born or who his parents were remains unrevealed. In 1922, at age eight, he hunted and killed a bear, which feed his family through a hard winter. He grew to be a tall, athletic adventurer and mecenary who sought a legendary sword known as the Black Blade of Baghdad.  However, when he finally acquired it, he was set upon by Black Raasar, a psionic entity who had possessed the blade.  Black Raasar expanded Eugene's natural life span greatly, but also caused him physical pain and warped his body so he was much shorter.

Despite this sudden physical change, he refused to let it stop him from continuing his adventuring lifestyle.  Over the years he met such figures as Ernest Hemingway (in Spain), Logan (before he was Wolverine) and Black Widow, as well as having an adventure with Modred the Mystic when the two battled villain known as the Brass Bishop.  The also was briefly a member of a team of paranormal investigators/adventurers known as the Outcasts.

Alpha Flight[]

After years of globetrotting adventures, Eugene found himself in jail, until he was offered an opportunity for freedom by the superhero known as the Guardian.  He agreed and ended up training with Beta Flight, a team designed as back up for the superhero team Alpha Flight. Following of the shut down of Department H, the organization overseeing Alpha Flight, the team decided to strike out as an independent superhero team and Eugene joined the team under the name Puck.