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The Punisher

Ultimate Punisher.jpg

Real Name
Frank Castle
First Appearance
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #6 (September, 2001)
Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, John Romita, Sr. [original universe] Brian Michael Bendis, Bill Seinkiewicz [Introduced character to Ultimate Universe]
Team Affliations
Avengers [Ultimate], NYPD SWAT
Base of Operations
New York City
None (was granted increased durability when wearing special costume provided by SHIELD
Skills and Abilities
Weapons Mastery, Master Sniper, Police Training, Master Hand-to-hand combatant, Master Strategist
Tools and Weapons
A variety of firearms, explosives, knives and various other weapons

The Punisher is an anti-hero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, and an alternate reality version of the Punisher from the regular Marvel Universe.


After NYPD officer Frank Castle refused to take a bribe and turned in his fellow cops, who were crooked, to Internal Affairs.  In retaliation, the cops tried to kill him and his family and only Frank survived. Driven by a hatred for criminals, Frank began a career as a murderous vigilante called the Punisher.


Creation of the Punisher[]

Almost nothing of Frank Castle's early life is known save that he was married and had a family.  He became an officer in the New York Police Department and when he learned that some of his fellow officers were taking bribes from a criminal named the Owl, he went directly to Internal Affairs to reveal what he knew.  The officers he exposed sought revenge and gunned down Frank Castle and his family but Frank managed to survive.  From then on, Frank dedicated himself to brutally murdering every criminal he could, using police and military tactics and an arsenal of weapons.  Calling himself the Punisher, Frank's killspree brand of justice immediately resulted in a following, though he soon found even many of his "fans" turn against him when he murdered one of the police officers responsible for his family's murder.