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Real Name
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Whiffle While You Work"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
The Fearsome Five
Quacker Jack
Base of Operations
St. Canard
"Wackiness" (according to Negaduck)
Skills and Abilities
Inventing and Toy Making Expertise
Tools and Weapons
Various Toy-Themed Weapons and Inventions

Quackerjack is a clown-themed villain from the animated TV series Darkwing Duck. The character is a former toy maker turned villain due to the fact that all of his toys were dangerous, causing him to take up a life of crime with his dangerous toys. He's also a member of the Fearsome Five, a team of Darkwing Duck's most dangerous villains.

Quackerjack is voiced by Michael Bell


A former toymaker who was only capable of creating dangerous toys, Quackerjack donned a clown costume and began a life of crime, using his deadly toys to help him in his goals.


While his real name is unknown (or at least left unsaid), Quackerjack was once a toymaker with a brilliant mind who became upset that no one would buy his toys... mostly because they were extremely destructive and dangerous for not only children, but people in general. Quackerjack, who may or may not have been insane to start with, then took on the villainous clown persona we know today, plotting revenge for his toys being unappreciated, feeling that children should love his toys.

When we first see Quackerjack, he has declared war on the video game company that made the game 'Whiffle Boy' believing that "the competition" was putting him out of business, only to be defeated by Darkwing Duck (in "Whiffle While You Work"). When he returns, he plots to create a utopia for children with no rules, even if he has to kidnap them, including Darkwing's niece Gosalyn, only to be defeated by Darkwing again.

Later, in "Days of Blunder" Quackerjack posed as a psychiatrist and tricked Darkwing into quitting through hypnotism. Eventually, Darkwing turned the tables, temporarily leaving Quackerjack in a hypnotic coma state.

Finally, after several solo failures, Quackerjack joined the Fearsome Five in a successful attempt to conquer St. Canard, but were overthrown by the Justice Ducks. Quackerjack's next plot was to travel in time to prevent the invention of the yo-yo in the middle ages, but failed once more. After that, Quackerjack teamed up with Megavolt to brainwash Darkwing and many of St. Canard's residents into being completely calm so that the city will be uninterested in their crime spree, only to have the plan backfire when they cause a large fire that they need Darkwing to fix, which he eventually does, which leads to the duo being captured once more.

Quackerjack and Megavolt teamed up once more in "Time and Punishment", only to be flung into the future with Darkwing's adopted daughter Gosilyn into a world where Darkwing has become a cruel and merciless crimefighter named Darkwarrior Duck. The three time travelers decided to work together and eventually return to their own time to prevent a dystopia (albeit crime-free) future.

Some time after he returned to the present, his beloved toy, Mr. Banana Brain, is possessed by a supernatural evil known as Paddywhack. Quackerjack, thinking that Mr. Banana Brain has simply chosen to speak comes under his thrall and is eventually trapped in his world of torment along with Darkwing. The two escape after convincing Paddywhack that they enjoy his taunting of them.

Quackerjack returns with the Fearsome Five, only to have his "powers" of wackiness stolen by NegaDuck. Darkwing is able to defeat Negaduck and return his powers. This was the last appearance of Quackerjack in the original cartoon series.

Ducktales 2017[]

In the Ducktales 2017 continuity, Quackerjack is merely a fictional character, a villain to the equally fictional villain Darkwing Duck. However, it is later proven that there are countless alternate universes, including ones where the fictional is real.



Quackerjack later appeared in the Darkwing Duck comic series in the opening story arc, in which he rejoined the Fearsome Five, who are looking for revenge on Darkwing Duck. When Negaduck destroys his Mr. Banana Brain doll, Quackerjack begins to reveal a much darker and crueler personality and eventually leads a new Fearsome Five team without Negaduck. He also makes attacks on the creators of the video game World of Whifflecraft, which he believes represents the antithesis of the kind of toys that he feels children should enjoy.


Quackerjack loves being goofy and wacky but is easily angered by those who don't appreciate his sense of humour. His motivation is to create toys that children will enjoy, but he tends to believe children will love dangerous and destructive toys and opposes the idea that what he creates goes too far. Though he's not completely out of touch with reality, he does tend to be delusional (such as when Mr. Banana-Brain was possessed by an evil spirit, he behaved as if it was his conscience), paranoid in his belief that his toys were being put out of business by competition from video games and simply mad in his behavior. His catchphrase for whenever he is about to create trouble is "It's playtime!" Quackerjack becomes a much darker figure in the Darkwing Duck comics after Negaduck destroys Mr. Banana-Brain.


Wackiness (?)- When NegaDuck stole the powers of the Fearsome Five, he started referring to Quackerjack's power as "wackiness". Though it can be argued that this is more of a personality trait, Negaduck surely believes that this is indeed a power.

Skills and Abilities[]

Toymaker/Weaponsmaker - Quackerjack is a brilliant toy maker, save for the fact that his toys are all too dangerous to actually play with. Because of this, most of them make for useful weapons in Quackerjack's reign of terror.

Tools and Weapons[]

Quackerjack has a large number of weaponized toys that he uses in his crimes.

Mr. Banana Brain - Possibly Quackerjack's only non-dangerous and "normal" toy, Mr. Banana Brain acts as Quackerjack's sidekick despite being completely inanimate. At one point, it is brought to life when possessed by the evil spirit Paddywhack, though Quackerjack was only mildly surprised that his toy came to life. When Negaduck destroys it, it causes Quackerjack to go further into insanity.

Chattering Teeth - One of Quackerjack's most commonly used weapons are dangerous versions of the chattering teeth toy that have the ability to chew through even sturdy materials such as wood.

Time Top - Developed with Megavolt, the time top is a giant toy top capable to spinning through time, either forwards or backwards, that can be entered like a vehicle.

Other Versions[]

In the episode "Life, the Negaverse and Everything", it is revealed there is an alternate universe where all of Darkwing Duck's enemies (save for NegaDuck, who is that universe's Darkwing Duck) are heroes and part of a superhero team called the Friendly Four. Their Quackerjack, along with the rest of the four, are well-meaning but unsuccessful superheroes who are unable to defeat Negaduck until Darkwing is able to come to their world and help them. After that, Quackerjack and the rest of the Friendly Four modeled themselves after Darkwing and vowed to protect their world against crime.

Ducktales (2017)[]

Quackerjack has had a small cameo appearance in Ducktales (2017) in the Darkwing Duck show within the show.

Other Media[]

Video Games[]

Darkwing Duck (NES/Game Boy) - Quackerjack appears as a boss in the Darkwing Duck video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and for game boy. In the game, he is working for F.O.W.L., interrupting construction on the St. Canard bridge. After fighting his way across the bridge Darkwing must fight Quackerjack as he runs around, avoiding the hero while Mr. Banana-Brain throws dangerous banana peels at the player.


An action figure of Quackerjack was designed but was never released after the second wave of Darkwing Duck figures was cancelled.