Quackor the Fowl

Quackor The Fowl.jpg

Real Name
First Appearance
Dexter's Laboratory, "Quackor the Fowl"
Genndy Tartakovsky
Team Affliation
Base of Operation
unnamed city
Telekinesis, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Breaking and Entering
Tools and Weapons

Quackor the Fowl is an evil super-villain duck from the animated TV series Dexter's Laboratory.

Quackor is voiced by Frank Welker.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Ducky was a normal duck who was the subject of experiments by boy genius Mandark in an effort to create super-powers, unaware that the duck became a super-powered villain named Quackor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ducky was born a normal duck who became owned by boy-genius scientist Mandark.  Mandark experimented on the duck, attempting to give it powers and though he succeeded, he was unaware of his success.  At night, Ducky become Quackor and uses his power to spread evil and terror.

When he first appeared, he attempted to destroy the secret laboratory  of boy-genius Dexter with his super-powers (likely because Dexter is Mandark's rival).  This attracted the attention of the superhero Monkey, who lived in the lab under the guise of Dexter's own lab monkey.  The two engaged in a pitched battle that lasted the evening and the next morning, the two animals were too tired to impress their owners' peers when they were taken to show and tell at school.

Quackor and Monkey would battle once again but in their second conflict, Monkey realized Quackor was a female and the two ended up falling in love.

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