Real Name
Doug Funnie
First Appearance
Doug, "Doug is Quailman"
Jim Jinkins
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Flight, Super Speed and Stupifying Eye Ray
Skills and Abilities
Patience, Dilligence, Speed
Tools and Weapons

Quailman is a character from the animated TV series Doug and the imagined superhero alter-ego of the title character Doug Funnie.

Quailman was voiced by Billy West in the original Nickelodeon series and later by Tom McHugh in the Disney series.


Within the world of the character, there is no origin given.


Within the show, Quailman is a superhero alter-ego that a young teenager named Doug Funnie had gave to himself in his imagination.  Doug also creates his own comics based on the character as well as re-imagining his life as Quailman adventures.  The origin of that character is never given within Doug's imagination.  When he first appears, he already has his own base as well as a sidekick: Quail-Dog (based on Doug's own dog, Porkchop).  In his first adventure, he defeats the evil scientist Doctor Klotzenstein (based on Doug's own school rival Roger Klotz) who is planning to steal the intellegence of everyone in Bluffington School, mirroring Doug's personal rivalry with Roger.

Doug later has another fantasy when his friends seem to end up going to Roger's party instead of spending time with him.  In response, he imagined an adventure in which Dr. Klotzenstein uses potato chips to zombify everyone in the city and only Quailman could stop him.

As a inspired character of Superman, he possesses flight, super speed, super strength, and other abilities beyond a human being.