The Raft


Various super criminals
First Appearance
Alias #26 (November, 2003)
Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos
Points of Interest
The former prison
Spider-Island Two

The Raft is a prison for particularly dangerous criminals (super-villains, especially) in the Marvel Universe, located in New York City.


When and how the the Raft built remains largely unknown, save that at some point it was built near Riker's Island with the specific purpose of holding super-powered criminals.  The Raft was successful at holding some of the most dangerous criminals until the villain Electro was hired to cause a mass prison break and release the villains within.  During the riot, various superheroes teamed up to help fight back the break out, which caused the formation of a new Avengers team following the dissolving of the team some time before.  Though the heroes quelled the break out, 46 major supervillains had escaped.

Following this event, the Raft was renovated and to improve security, a special bio-energy dampening field was placed around the prison that would prevent superhumans from using their abilities in the prison walls.

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