The Ravers


First Appearance
Superboy and the Ravers #1 (September, 1996)
Karl Kesel, Paul Pelletier
The Event Horizon
Superboy, Hero Cruz, Aura, Kaliber, Sparx, Half-Life, Kindred Marx, DJ
Rallying Cry
Gadgets and Vehicles

The Ravers were a short lived superhero team in the DC Universe who co-starred in the comic book Superboy and the Ravers.


When Superboy entered in a nightclub in space, he became close friends with several people in attendance, who went on to form their own superhero team.


The Invitation to the Event HorizonEdit

The team began when Superboy was invited by fellow superhero Sparx to the Event Horizon, a club hosting an intergalactic, 24/7 rave with hipsters from across the Milky Way. During his time at Event Horizon, Superboy met some other heroes, including Hero Cruz and Aura and powered aliens, including the club's owner Kindred Marx, who left on Superboy's hand a symbol that would allow him to return any time (like some kind of extradimensional handstamp). Soon, Superboy was confronted by a rebellious teen from the planet Qward (a world known for designing weapons for destructive purposes) named Kalibur who started a fight with Superboy after feeling his existence was an insult to the superhero Superman, from whom Superboy was cloned.

Kindred Marx interrupts the fight, claiming there would be no fighting on the Event Horizon, and relocates them to an arena where they can hash out their differences. However, when the two are placed, the appearance of a shady group called InterC.E.P.T. causes Marx to flee, leaving Superboy and Kalibur behind to fight InterC.E.P.T. The two work together to defeat InterC.E.P.T., which causes the Superboy and Kalibur to develop mutual respect for one another.

The RaversEdit

Eventually Superboy, Kalibur, Hero Cruz, Sparx and Aura end up meeting the hero Half-Life, a teenager from the 1950's that was transformed into a half-alive being due to alien technology and end up forming a team/group of friends. The Ravers would continue to have adventures together with the intergalactic club Event Horizon acting as their base. Later, the team discover that the Event Horizon is on the run from the intergalactic enforcement group known as the Darkstars.

Later, the Ravers assisted Earth's heroes in a battle with Darkseid when he attempted to use a powerful energy form known as the Godwave for his own ends by teleporting them to Darkseid and joining in the fight against him. During their final adventure, Half-Life was killed and the Event Horizon nightclub was destroyed and after they defeated Kindred Marx's evil brother, the team disbanded.


Superboy - Superboy was essentially the de facto leader of the Ravers. Though they did not intend to become a team, the various members rallied behind Superboy when he helped the Event Horizon from danger.

Hero Cruz - A regular at Event Horizon, Hero Cruz helped form the team when the Event Horizon was under attack.  Initially powered by an "Achilles Suit', he later lost it and gained the H-Dial, which gives him the power to turn into other superheroes.

Aura - Aura had joined the team since it's inception and used her magnetic powers to help.

Kaliber - A native of the planet Qward, Kaliber is a master at weaponry and after a confrontation with Superboy, became loyal to him.

Sparx - Previous ally of Superboy and former member of the Blood Pack, who introduces Superboy to Event Horizon, where the Ravers meet.

Kindred Marx - Kindred Marx is the owner and operator of the Event Horizon.

DJ - A robotic DJ at Event Horizon.


The Event Horizon - The Ravers had no official headquarters but they were often found in the Event Horizon, the outerspace night club owned by Kindred Marx.

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