The Ray


Real Name
Raymond C. Terrill
First Appearance
The Ray #1 (February, 1992)
Jack C. Harris, Joe Quesada
Team Affiliations
Freedom Fighters, Justice League of America, Justice League Task Force, Young Justice, JSA Reserves, Forgotten Heroes, Justice League International
Base of Operations
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Flight, Light Manipulation, Light Absorption, Light Projection
Skills and Abilities
Programming, Fighting Experience

The Ray is the name of a superhero in the DC Universe.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Raymond Terrill was raised in darkness from a young age by his uncle supposedly due to a rare sensitivity.  Raymond later learned he actually had light powers he wasn't ready to control and was approached by his father to take up the mantle of the Ray to fight for good.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ray Terrill was born to Nadine and Happy Terrill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From a young age, Ray was told he was hypersensitive to light and direct exposure to sunlight could kill him. During these years, he only had one friend, a neighbor named Jennifer Jurden.

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