The Red Bee is the name of two superheroes in the DC Universe, the first of which was originally owned by Quality Comics.

Richard RaleighEdit

The Red Bee

Red Bee

Real Name
Richard "Rick" Raleigh
First Appearance
Hit Comics #1 (July, 1940)
Toni Blum, Charles Nicholas
Team Affliations
All-Star Squadron
Red Bee
Base of Operations
Superior City, Oregon
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Trained Bee
Tools and Weapons
Stinger Gun, Alto-Gainer

Richard Raleigh was the first Red Bee, a superhero of the Golden Age.


An assistant to the District Attorney, Richard Raleigh became tired of seeing criminals get off on technicalities and decided to use his skills as an apiarist and fighting abilities to fight crime as the Red Bee.


Quality ComicsEdit

  • Note that the character was originally owned by Quality Comics before being owned by DC Comics. It is assumed that the character's pasts are identical in the early stories told by both companies, but there might be minor differences.

The youth of Richard Raleigh remains largely unknown. At some point, he became the assistant to District Attorney of Superior City Tom Darrow. Tired of criminals evading punishment due to technicalities and the slow tediousness of the justice system, Richard became masked crime fighter Red Bee. His fighting prowess made him capable enough to take on various foes. By his side fought Michael, a trained bee who was kept safely in a compartment on Rick's belt. Unlike normal bees, Michael is able to sting without dying, allowing him to annoy and inflict pain upon the enemies of the Red Bee repeatedly.  As the Red Bee, Richard still worked under the District Attorney. The District Attorney unintentionally aided Richard, giving him the fresh scoop on the latest crimes and the perpetrators involved. The Red Bee would battle villains such as "Boss" Storm, Dr. Mara, Kalak and Rugi (a pair of swordsmen), and various Nazi villains.  The Red Bee created and made use of a device he called the "Alto-Gainer", which allowed Richard to propel himself into the air and scale buildings with ease.

DC ComicsEdit

After DC's aquiring of Quality Comics, it was explained the Richard was killed by Nazis while trying to save other Golden Age heroes. According to Plastic Man, Richard was an old drinking buddy of his.

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