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The Red Hood is the name of several villains in the DC Universe. The original Red Hood was Joker until Batman knocked him into a pool of chemicals and turn his skin white and paralyzed his mouth into a smile but he was presumed dead. The current Red Hood is former Robin Jason Todd, Batman's former sidekick turned murderous vigilante and more recently a hero once more.

The Red Hood Gang[]

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The Red Hood originally appeared as the Red Hood a gang of criminals who shared the identity of their leader, the Red Hood.


A gang of criminals came up with a scheme that involved tricking the police with a gang where the guise of the leader was constantly changing.


The Red Hood Gang was a team of criminals who joined forces with a plan of using a simple ruse in an attempt to confuse their opponents: create a false figurehead named the Red Hood.  However, while their fake leader was defeated by Batman, he fell into a vat of chemicals and seemingly died (though some believe this criminal may have become the Joker).

New 52[]

In the New 52 continuity, the Red Hood Gang were inspired by the murders of rich, powerful citizens Thomas and Martha Wayne, believing that it showed no one was untouchable.  Their hope was to instill a sense of nihilism and fear among the populace, making them more intimidating to stand against.  A young Bruce Wayne encountered the Red Hood Gang following his training to become a vigilante.  In order to defeat them, Bruce infiltrates the gang with the intention of defeating them from within.  However, the leader of the Red Hood gang sniffed out Bruce and attempted to kill him.  Bruce escapes but with the Red Hood Gang knowing Bruce's involvement, they kept him as a target.

Later, Bruce discovers that the Red Hood Gang are blackmailing innocent people into joining the Red Hood Gang.  In addition, Bruce learns that they have not only stolen an airship from the criminal known as the Penguin, but they have also stolen dangerous weapons from Wayne Industries.  In addition, Bruce learned that a relative has been inducted into the Red Hood Gang and they attempted to kill hm with a bomb after he learned the truth.


  • For this version of the Red Hood, see the Joker page.

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Though never proven to be true in current continuity, it is long believed that the Joker may have been in the original Red Hood gang.

Earth One[]

On Earth One, it was revealed that the Joker was once a lab worker turned crook who became committing crimes in the guise of The Red Hood.


This plot was used in the animated film Batman: Killing Joke, the other adaptations only use the chemical drop thing.

Jason Todd[]

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Jason Todd is the current person to take on the role of the Red Hood.

Jason Todd befgan a superheroing career as Robin, the sidekick to Batman.  Later on Ra's al Ghul revived Jason Todd. Bitter and angry with Batman, Jason became the Red Hood and seeked revenge for his own death on Batman.

Then he turned somewhat good as a killing vigilante but answers the calls to the other Robins but not Batman. Batman has always considered the Robin's as family but knowing Jason was revived still doesn't think Jason as family.