The Red Tornado

Ma Hunkel.jpg

Real Name
Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel
First Appearance
All-American Comics #3 (June, 1939) [Ma Hunkel] All-American Comics #20 (November, 1940) [as the Red Tornado]
Sheldon Mayer
Team Affiliations
Justice Society of America
Base of Operations
No information
Skills and Abilities
Surprisingly Strong, Great Cook

The Red Tornado is a superheroine in the DC Universe during the golden age of comics.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Inspired by her son's admiration for the superhero Green Lantern, Ma Hunkel decided to become a superheroine herself to deal with local crime and took on the name Red Tornado (But she was posing as a man).

History[edit | edit source]

"Ma" Hunkel's early life is largely unknown.  She was born in New York City and married a man named Henry "Hunk" Hunkel and had had a daughter, Amelia.

In other Media[edit | edit source]

In Legends of Tomorrow, your helmet was seen in a room on the Rip Hunter ship.

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