Real Name
Robert Berresford
First Appearance
Cyber Force (Vol. 1) #1 (October, 1992)
Marc Silvestri
Team Affliations
Robert Bearclaw, Ghost Warrior
Base of Operations
Astral Projection, Healing, Shapeshifting, Razor Sharp Claws, Heightened Agility
Skills and Abilities
Marksmanship, Fighting Mastery, Stealth Mastery
Tools and Weapons
Cybernetic Implants

Ripclaw is a superhero from the Image Universe and a member of Cyberforce.

Origin[edit | edit source]

After an encounter with the spirits of his ancestors which left him with mystic powers to take on animal like abilities, Robert Bearclaw attracted the attention of the sinister Cyberdata corporation.  Cyberdata brainwashed Robert and added cybernetic enhancements, forcing him to become an agent until he was freed and became the superhero Ripclaw to take revenge on the evil that corrupted him and make amends for his wrongs as an assassin.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Robert Berresford was born on April 1st, 1969, and though details about his parents remain unknown, it is known he has a brother, Michael Bearclaw.  There is much that isn't known about his upbringing, save that he had grown up both in Apache and Cheyanne tribes.

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