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The Ripping Friends

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First Appearance
The Ripping Friends, "The Indigestible Wad" (September 15, 2001)
John Kricfalusi, Jim Smith
Crag, Rip, Slab, Chunk
Rallying Cry
"It's Ripping Time"
Rocket Shoes
The Ripping Brothers, The World's Manliest Men

The Ripping Friends are a superhero team from the animated TV series The Ripping Friends.


Raised by He-Mom to be the world's manliest men, the Ripping Friends have dedicated their lives to inspiring manliness in others and using their strength to stop those who would misuse their own.


The history of the Ripping Friends is a mystery but it is known that the brothers (it is not made clear that they are biologically related) were raised by foster mother He-Mom to be the manliest of men. It is known that He-Mom also provided them with their power technology and resources which they use to stop evil and promote noble and manly values. Later, the combined DNA of all the Ripping Friends was used to create their ally, Jimmy the Idiot Boy, a mute, drooling manchild who often assists them on their adventures.

The Ripping Friends have battled a number of different foes, though their only recurring enemy is Citracett, a mad dictator from the nation of Euroslavia. They are also vulnerable to Riptonite, a material created by a villain named The Man from Next Thursday using their own DNA to create it in an effort to get revenge for a botched rescue attempt that left him deformed.

One activity that they take part in is "Rip Along With the Ripping Friends", in which they investigate complaints by kids about conspiracies seemingly designed to ruined their life and fix them by beating up those responsible.


Crag - Crag is the de facto leader of the brothers, as well as the most mature and level-headed.

Rip - The team's most short tempered member, who probably takes the most pleasure in beating up bad guys.

Slab - Slab is heaviest member of the team but despite his extra fat is quite strong.

Chunk - Chunk is the team's youngest member and acts the most childish, despite being in his mid-30's.

Friends and Allies[]

He-Mom - The team's mother and mentor figure, as well as the creator of most of their inventions and devices.

Jimmy the Idiot Boy - Jimmy is another of the brothers and is considered a member, but rarely goes on missions.


The Ripping Friends' base of operations is the large citadel known as Ripcot (which is modeled after the EPCOT building).

Paraphenalia and Resources[]

The Ripping Friends often rely on brute force, but thanks to the genius of He-Mom, the team has a number of super-scientific resources and inventions at their disposal.  Their most common tool of long range transportation is the pair of rocket shoes each of them wears to get to the scene of the action at high speed.