Robin is the name of several superheroes in comic books published by DC Comics and have appeared in a number of other media.

Dick Grayson appears in the cartoon Batman: Animated Series, Legends of The Superheroes, The Batman, Teen Titans, Lego Batman The Movie, Batman TV Series (1960), the movie Batman Forever, Young Justice and Titans.

In an episode of the TV series "Legends of Tomorrow", in the background of a scene it was possible to notice a group of acrobats dressed as Robin, in reference to the flying Graysons.

Tim Darke: The New Batman Adventures, Young Justice.

Jason Todd: Titans (2018), Young Justice.

Carrie Kelley: The New Batman Adventures, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Feudal Japan versions of both Robin and Red Robin appear in the anime film Batman Ninja as well as Red Hood and Nightwing.

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