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Real Name
Alex Murphy
First Appearance
Robocop (1987)
Paul Verhoven
Team Affliations
Detroit Police Department
Base of Operations
Super Strength, Endurance and Accuracy
Skills and Abilities
Expert Marksman, Train Police Officer
Tools and Weapons
Specially Designed Gun, Various built-in weapons

Robocop is a half-man half-machine police superhero who first appeared in the 1987 film Robocop.

Robocop was originally portrayed by Peter Weller in the first two Robocop films and was later portrayed by Robert John Burke (Robocop 3), Richard Eden (the Robocop TV series), Page Fletcher (the TV mini-series Robocop: Prime Directives) and Joel Kinnaman (the 2014 remake).


Alex Murphy was a good cop who was murdered by criminals.  Having signed a contract with the Omni-Consumer Products organization, he was transformed into a cyborg cop owned by the company. with his own memories seemingly erased.


Original film continuity[]


Alex Murphy's early life had been largely unrevealed.  It is known is was an honest cop in Detroit in the future and was a loving husband and father.  When he and his partner, Anne Lewis, went after criminal Clarence Boddicker, Alex was brutally murdered.  His body was recovered by the company OCP (Omni Consumer Products) as part of a program to create the perfect cop known as Robocop.  Alex's body was used to create a cyborg known as Robocop, making him super strong, resistant to gunfire and capable of extremely accurate gunfire, in addition to many other technological advantages.  Robocop seemingly had no memory of his previous life as Alex Murphy and was programmed to follow orders.

After months of work, Robocop was finished and ready for testing.  After a patrol, Robocop swiftly dispatched justice in a Detroit plagued by crime.  Due to his success, however, many of Detroit's police officers, beleaguered, overworked and fearing replacement by machines like Robocop, considered striking.  Meanwhile, Anne Lewis came to suspect that Robocop is Alex Murphy after displaying subtle behaviours similar to Alex's.  Robocop himself began to have memory flashes from his previous life, and comments from Anne caused him to investigate the life of Alex Murphy, causing him to realize that they are the same person.

After Robocop encounters a member of Clarence Boddicker's gang, he remembered the events of his death and immediately began to hunt down Boddicker and got him to confess that he was working under the orders of Dick Jones, a high-ranking OCP executive.  When Robocop arrived at Jones' office to arrest him, Jones revealed that a secret protocol was put in place making it impossible for Robocop to take action against OCP executives.  Robocop was nearly destroyed by ED-209, a powerful robot, but was able to escape with the help of Anne Lewis.

Soon Boddickers gang tracks down Robocop, forcing a weakened Robocop and Lewis to battle them.  Eventually, he was able to defeat the gang and confronted Jones during a meeting.  With his crimes exposed, the President of OCP fires Jones, leaving him defenseless to Robocop, who kills him.

Robocop 2[]

Sometime later, higher ups at OCP plot to take the city of Detroit under their control by forcing it to default on its debt, foreclose on the city and then destroy all the old neighborhoods to build new ones.  To this end, the company sparks and increase in crime and cancels the police pension program, forcing the police to strike.  Robocop, due to his programming, cannot strike and continues to police the city with Lewis.  During this time, Robocop waged war against the criminals creating and disturbing the designer drug Nuke, as well as dealing with the fact that his wife, now aware of who he is, struggled to deal with what her husband had become.

Robocop was also at war with drug kingpin Cain, who was able to defeat Robocop in his first encounter but later Robocop was able to turn the tables and defeat and severely wounded Cain.  During this time, OCP was in development of Robocop 2, a version of Robocop that could be mass produced, only to find most machines would self destruct.  Before Cain's death, OCP decided to re-use his brain and place it in Robocop 2, believing they could completely control it and that a human brain would overcome the previous failures.

When Hob, a former flunky of Cain's, offered to pay the city's massive debt in exchange for a hands off police on the drugs Hob was dealing, OCP sent RoboCop 2 to the meeting in order to intimidate both sides.