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Rogue is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and is a member of the X-Men. The character can absorb the energy of other characters through physical contact and if the character has powers she absorbs them too, and any physical traits that come from those powers, everything is only temporary, but when she absorbed the powers of Miss Marvel (strength and flight) stayed with them for a long time before it could finally disappear something about Miss Marvel being half kree and half human. Her name rogue comes from the idea that she has no control, has no control over her treacherous powers.


It appears in all cartoons and films in which the X-Men appear.

Video game producers usually put this character in the old situation where she temporarily got Miss Marvel's powers, because this character is only useful when she has already absorbed someone's power, and only one-on-one video games can put her using her power to absorb powers, other video games like Marvel Heroes and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online can only put her to the max by weakening the opponent.