Real Name
Steven Rogers
First Appearance
Marvel 1602 #1 (November, 2003)
Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert, Jack Kirby [original character], Joe Simon [original character]
Team Affiliations
Captain America
Base of Operations
America (specifics unknown)
Peak Human Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Endurance
Skills and Abilities
Master Hand-to-Hand and Shield Combatant, Master Strategist

Rojhaz is an alternate universe version of the superhero Captain America, who attempted to alter the timeline for universe Earth-311 in the Marvel Multiverse.

The Marvel 1602 limited series presents an alternative history, Earth-311, in which a Captain America from the late 21st century is transported to the year 1602 after the Purple Man takes over the world – his enemy wanting to dispose of Rogers in such a way that there is nothing left of him in the present to inspire others –, where he assumes the identity of Rojhaz a white Native American who is presumed by the Europeans to be of Welsh ancestry. His arrival causes numerous alterations in reality, causing analogues of various Marvel Universe characters to appear in the 17th century instead, speculated by Uatu to be the result of the universe attempting to generate a means of repairing the damage caused to reality. Rogers refuses to return to the future because he wants to nurture a new United States free of prejudice from its very beginnings, but the 1602 version of Nick Fury forces him to return, accompanying him on the journey. Rogers noted that in his version of the late 21st century, he was the last true superhero and was left alone fighting his own country – the United States – which had fallen under the rule of a tyrannical life-term President.

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