Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo.jpg

Real Name
Rose Tattoo
First Appearance
Stormwatch (Vol. 1) #37 (July, 1996) [first Rose Tattoo], The Authority: Revolution #8 (July, 2005) [the second Rose Tattoo]
Warren Ellis (the first Rose Tattoo), Tom Raney (the first Rose Tattoo), Ed Brubaker (the second Rose Tattoo), Dustin Nguyen (the second Rose Tattoo)
Team Affliations
The Authority, Stormwatch
Murder, Spirit of Murder, Spirit of Life
Base of Operations
Superhuman aim, The ability to kill anything with weapons made by herself
Skills and Abilities
Flawless killing abilities (innate supernatural ability)
Tools and Weapons
Various self-made murder weapons

Rose Tattoo is a villain, an antihero and a superhero in the WildStorm Universe and is the embodiment of murder.


Existing perhaps as long as the idea of murder, Rose Tattoo was a spirit recruited by the superhero The High with the intent of creating a new world order and a better world before being manipulated by Henry Bendix to become an assassin for Stormwatch.


It is hard to say how Rose Tattoo was created, as she is the living personification of the idea of murder.  Sometime in the 1960s, she was discovered by the superhero The High, who made her part of a conspiracy to create a new world order with the intent of creating a paradise on Earth.  She met Henry Bendix, a young field agent who was working directly for Richard Nixon at the time, and Bendix immediately fell in love with her.

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