Sailor Scouts

Sailor Scouts

First Appearance
RunRun, August 1991 (First appearance of a Sailor Scout, Sailor V AKA Sailor Venus)

Nakayoshi, February 1992 (first appearance of Sailor Moon, the lead "Sailor Scout)

Nakayoshi, March 1992 (exact issue number unknown, but this is the first to feature two Sailor Scouts working as a team)
Naoko Takeuchi
No central headquarters, but based in Tokyo
Sailor Moon (leader), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn
Rallying Cry
"In the Name of the Moon, We Will Punish You!"

The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Senshi in the original Japanese) are a group of superheroines from the manga and anime series Sailor Moon.


The reincarnations of ancient princesses from space, the Sailor Scouts learned their birthrights as magical protectors of Princess Serenity and of the Earth and came together to form a powerful team.


Silver MilleniumEdit

The history of the Sailor Scouts goes back to the forgotten era known as the Silver Millenium, in which Queen Serenity ruled the moon and that the women would would one day be the Sailor Scouts were princesses who ruled their planetary namesakes.  Many of these princesses where close friends with Princess Serenity, the princess of the moon.  When dark demonic forces (Yoma in the original Japanese, the Negaverse in English translations) attack the moon, the princesses sacrifice their lives in attempting to save the world and Princess Serenity.  In response, before she died and the moon was destroyed, Queen Serenity used her power (namely, the Silver Crystal, an artifact of great magical power) to reincarnate Serenity, her love Endymion (the prince of Earth) and the princesses who sacrificed their lives in the hopes that they would all find happiness in a new life.


The princesses were ressurected in modern day Tokyo, leading average lives and unaware of the existance of their past lives.  The first to awake the power of a previous life was Minako Aino, a thirteen year old girl who is awakened by a talking cat named Artemis, who has a connection with the princesses.