Real Name
Saitama (full name unknown)
First Appearance
One-Punch Man, Chapter 1 (2009)
Team Affiliations
Hero Association
Caped Baldy (Hagemanto)
Base of Operations
Seemingly limitless strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and endurance
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Saitama is a superhero and the protagonist of the manga and anime series One-Punch Man.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Saitama was a man who wanted to be a superhero as a hobby and exercised regularly.  He believes this is where he gained his unbelievable power.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The early life of Saitama, including his family and his full name, remain unknown save that he watched superhero shows as a child and wanted to be one.  It is known that early in his youth he was a middle school student in Z-City, which has had problems with supervillains and mysterious monsters in the decade previous.  One such incident involve Saitama himself, who was bullied for what little money he owned and fought and failed against the bully. Saitama was an average young man who admired superheroes and wanted to become one, in his own words, "for fun."

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Saitama, Goku, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Wu Geng (Ah Gou), Lin Jie (Zero) and Anthony Edward Stark (Iron Man) meet at Z-City Phantom Town. Anthony Edward Stark makes powerful weapons and equipment for Neo Heroes and he has discovered a danger that Neo Heroes is doing something that is only a secret to the top Associations and he told his friends about it. Wu Geng and Lin Jie join Neo Heroes to see what's going on inside Neo Heroes. Bruce Wayne put a spy camera on Wu Geng and Lin Jie. Goku and Saitama are training to strengthen their power to fight justice at the Hero Association Training Center. Neo Heroes is led by Blue and Mccoy. Blue and Mccoy joined forces with Dr. Rota & Dr. Gero to do something to defeat the Hero Association and overcome evil.

The God of Destruction and Arch Angel wanted to rule planet earth and said it to Blue, Mccoy, Dr. Rota & Dr. Gero and make them high positions on planet earth.  

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