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Real Name
First Appearance
Green Lantern (Vol. 1) #149 (February, 1982)
Marv Wolfman, Joe Staton
Team Affliations
Green Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Flight, Creating Hard Light Constructs with aid of power ring
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Strong Willpower
Tools and Weapons
Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery

Salaak (sometimes Salakk) is a superhero in the DC Universe and is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Salaak's origin remains unknown.


Salaak's past has yet to be revealed.  Due to his ability to overcome fear, he was chosen to become the Green Lantern, a protector of Space Sector 1418.  During the war against the multiversal level threat known as the Anti-Monitor, Salaak was put in charge of protecting multiple sectors of space at the same time, a war that took its toll on him psychologically and left him depressed.  He traveled to Earth for a time, looking for solidarity amongst some of his Green Lantern brethren and found friendship with the Green Lantern known as Ch'p.

Salaak later spent time living in the near future under an assumed identity, retiring from the Corps and living a normal life with a wife.  He eventually returned to his own time but soon after the Green Lanterns' Central Power Battery was destroyed, leaving Salaak powerless.  He chose to travel to the planet H'lvn to reunite with Ch'p and remained his friend and advisor.

Salaak later returned to Oa but not long after the Guardians of the Universe, the master of the Corps, were destroyed by the entity Parallax (who had possessed prominent Green Lantern Hal Jordan) and in the fallout Salaak was captured by slavers.  Salaak was saved by fellow Lantern Guy Gardner and Salaak later attended Jordan's memorial after he sacrificed himself to save the Earth's sun.

The Corps, after being disbanded for years, eventually reformed and Salaak was given the duty of both a senior administrator within the Lanterns and the Keeper of the Book of Oa (also called a Protocol Lantern), a text containing the history and the rules of the Corps.

Salaak kept to his duties until he learned that the Lanterns were to be betrayed by the Guardians, who had planned to replace the Green Lantern Corps with "The Third Army", a cruel, powerful force for justice made of automated, self-replicating warriors. Upon the discovery, Salaak was imprisoned until he was eventually freed by fellow Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kilowog.

Following the war, the Guardians died and Salaak blamed himself for the war for not being able to realize the plans of the Guardians sooner.

In other Media[]

Appears in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, First Flight, Emerald Knights, Green Lantern (movie), Green Lantern: TAS, and the video game comics Injustice.