Sally Sonic

Sally Sonic

Real Name
Sara Smart
First Appearance
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1 (January, 2006)
Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette
Team Affiliations
"Sexy" Sally Sonic
Base of Operations
No information
Invulnerability, Superhuman Strength, Flight, Immortality
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Magic Whistle

Sally Sonic is a former superheroine turned supervillain in the DC Universe.


After rescuing a cat from some bullies, Sara Smart was gifted with the Whistle of the Wind Kings, which gave her powers she used to fight crime as "Sally Sonic".  However, after decades as an ageless superhero, she became embittered and became a dangerous villain.


Many details of Sara Smart's childhood, such as her birthplace or parentage, are unknown.  What is known is that as a child, she rescued a cat from a group of bullies.  As a reward, she was given a magic whistle from the cats owner, called the Whistle of the Wind Kings and when she blew it, she gained super powers such as strength, speed and a near immortal body.

Sara went on to fight crime for years as the heroine Sally Sonic and making friends such as Barnabus the Teddy Bear King.

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