Samus Aran

Samus artwork 12

Real Name
Samus Aran
First Appearance
Metroid (1986)
Makato Kano
Team Affliation
The Hunter
Base of Operations
Nomadic/Hunter Gunship
Super Strength, Super Speed, Heightened Agility, Heightened Endurance
Trained on Zebes in the way of Chozo Warriors
Tools and Weapons
Power Suit, Arm Cannon

Samus Aran is a Super Heroine from the Category:Metroid Universe. She is the Main Protagonist of the Metroid series of video games.


Samus Aran was orphaned at a young age when Space Pirates raided her parents home world, K-2L. The last known survivor of the devastating attack, Samus was rescued by the Chozo, peace loving bird like aliens with advanced technology. The Chozo brought her to their planet, Zebes. They did not having access to medical data on humans, so they infused Samus with Chozo blood in order to save her life. The infusion of Chozo DNA granted her super-human strength, agility and speed, and the Chozo raised her in the ways of Chozo Warriors. Eventually, Samus left the Chozo to join the Federation Police. As a parting gift, the Chozo gave her the Power Suit, which she would depend on often.


Samus Aran was born to Virginia Aran and Rodney Aran in the Cosmic year 2000 on planet K-2L. As an infant, Samus was loved very much by her parents, and just about everyone she met. Her parents introduced her to the Chozo, a race of avian aliens that visited K-2L occasionally to do trade. She would soon become a favorite of one Chozo in particular, known as "Old Bird." Sadly, at the age of three everything Samus had known and loved on K-2L would be ripped away from her. The Space Pirates, a group of nomadic aliens of unknown origin, were becoming a powerful threat to all civilized worlds. They were known for raiding space ships to steal weapons and various loot, they used this stolen technology to empower themselves and steal even more loot. Up until this time they weren't known to pull off massive raids on entire planets, but that changed in the cosmic year 2003.


Samus encounters Ridley for the first time.

The Space Pirates, led by Ridley, a fierce genetically modified Space Dragon, descended upon K-2L, Samus' homeworld. They laid waste to everything they saw, taking all the planet's valuables and killing everyone who approached them. Samus's mother took Samus away to hide her, while her father attempted to destroy the Pirate Mothership. Ridley found Samus, however, and Samus, being too young to understand what was happening, asked Ridley if he wanted to be friends. Ridley attempted to kill Samus, but her mother took the killing blow for her, and Samus watched her die. She would never really get over the trauma of witnessing this. For some reason, Ridley seemed moved by this display, and left Samus there to return to the mother ship. Meanwhile, Samus's was on board the Mother Ship. He used the Afloraltite the Pirates had stolen to destroy the mother ship, but killing himself in the progress (afloraltite is a highly combustible substance used to fuel starships) Though it cost them both their lives, Samus's parents had saved their daughter. Nobody else survived the raid, and Samus was alone. Then the Chozo returned to K-2L and saw what had happened. Old Bird rescued Samus as she was at the edge of death, and they took her to their homeworld, Zebes.
Metroidzm 03 big

Samus's first Power Suit

On Zebes, Samus was raised in the ways of Chozo Warriors. While many of the Chozo did not believe that Samus, being only human, could ever match Chozo physical prowess, they were amazed to see that she actually surpassed their expectations. By the age of 14 her strength, speed and agility were much greater than that of any human. This was likely due to the use of Chozo blood in order to save her life after the raid on K-2L. The Chozo who were once Samus's rivals learned to respect and even admire her, all except for Mother Brain, the Chozo's organic Super Computer, who would always view Samus (and all other life forms for that matter) as inferior. Samus could not stay on Zebes forever, she still longed for vengeance against the Space Pirates. At around the age of 17 she left Zebes and enrolled in the Federation Police. As a parting gift, Samus received a Chozo Power Suit, which would become synonymous with Samus's reputation soon after.

Federation Police CareerEdit

Upon enrolling in the Federation Police, Samus graduated from the academy with flying colors. She was placed in the Star-Trackers, an elite group of Federation Police officers, consisting of only the best of the best. Her first mission was on the Human planet, Jigrad. She was meant to perform recon, but instead disobeyed orders in order to save a young human from execution. The ensuing conflict led to the first ever capture of a live Space Pirate. Upon interrogating the Pirate, the Federation Military learned that the enslavement of Jigrad was a distraction from the Space Pirate invasion of Zebes, Samus's homeworld. Though she was ordered to remain on Jigrad and wait for further instruction from the Federation Army, Samus once again disobeyed orders. She and some of her companions stole a Federation Starship in order to aid her Chozo friends on Zebes. She arrived too late, however, as the Space Pirates, with the help of the traitorous Mother Brain, had already taken the Chozo homeworld for themselves. Samus attempted to overthrow the Pirates, but when Ridley taunted her about how he killed her parents, she was rendered immobile due to PTSD caused by the trauma of that event on K-2L all those years ago. She only made it out with the help of her comrades. After she had escaped Zebes, the Federation Military attempted to take the planet back from the Space Pirates, but they had stolen the Chozo's defenses, and the Federation failed. After failing to liberate her adopted homeworld and reliving the events that scarred her as a child, Samus left the Federation Police to strike out on her own. As the Federation Police proved more and more ineffective at tracking the Space Pirates in the depth of Space, the Federation relied more and more on mercenaries and bounty hunters, known as "Space Hunters," to deal with the Space Pirates for them. Samus soon took this as her new profession, and she excelled at it.

Zero MissionEdit


Samus battles the Mother Brain and her Metroids on Zebes.

For years the Space Pirates operated out of Zebes, and the Federation was baffled as to how to deal with them. They attempted to contain them on that planet and deal with raiders as they came, but when the Space Pirates, under the command of Mother Brain, stole a Metroid organism, they could no longer sit idly by. The Metroid was a new life form discovered on planet SR388, it had demonstrated the incredible power to drain another organism's life energy. Federation and Chozo scientists on Zebes speculated that the Metroid could be the key to unlimited energy and could greatly benefit civilization, though it would also be extraordinarily dangerous in the wrong hands. The Federation knew that the evil Mother Brain would weaponize the Metroids for her own evil goals, and that she had to be stopped. They attempted once more to take Zebes back, but failed again. Zebes was much too fortified for a large scale invasion. Instead, the Federation decided that one Hunter would have to use stealth to infiltrate Zebes, and assassinate the Mother and her Metroid. The ideal candidate for this mission was Samus Aran. At this time she had become the most powerful and famous of all Space Hunters, and she had the background that it would take to understand Zebes. Samus accepted the job, and flew her Gunship through Zebes' defenses. She explored the deep underground caverns, recovering lost Chozo relics from her past and expanding her Power Suit's capabilities. In order to access the Mother Brain's lair, she needed a key from all of the Space Pirate Generals, including Kraid and her nemesis, Ridley. Samus first destroyed Kraid and stole his key, she then had to battle Ridley. Samus overcame her fears and shot him to death, spreading his remains across the room. With both keys in hand, Samus entered Mother's hideout. By this time, the Mother Brain had cloned the Metroid several times over. Using the Metroid's only weakness, Cold, Samus destroyed all of them. She then destroyed the Mother Brain's Zebetite shield and killed the monstrosity using her missiles. Realizing that she was already dead, the Mother Brain activated the self-destruct device in a last ditch effort to kill Samus. Samus made it out of the caves in time though, and got to her ship. As she tried to escape, Pirate fighters shot her down. The crash destroyed her power suit, and Samus had to use the Chozo relics she had found to restore her abilities. This is how Samus obtained her "Fully Powered Suit", her most iconic outfit. The Pirate Mother Ship was still on the planet after the explosion, and was under the command of Ridley's personal servant, the Ridley Robot. Samus boarded the ship, destroyed the Ridley Robot, activated the ship's self destruct, and fled the planet in a stolen pirate cruiser. This was by far the Space Pirate's hardest hit, and the moment at which the Zebesian base was destroyed would forever be known to the Space Pirates as "Zero Hour."

Talon IVEdit


Samus escapes from the Frigate Orphion, barely.

A few years after the destruction of the Pirate base on Zebes, Samus was searching the galaxy for employment, when she received a distress signal from above Talon IV, a planet in Federation space. Upon arriving Samus discovered something shocking, one of the three Pirate ships to survive the explosion on Zebes, Frigate Orphion, was orbiting the planet. Samus boarded the ship, and investigated. As she entered the ship, she found the dead husks of several Talon IV life forms, followed by evidence of genetic engineering and research. The ship was in terrible shape, with fires, wreckage and dead/dying pirates all over the place. Eventually she discovers the cause of all this, a horrifying creature called the Parasite Queen. Apparently the result of Pirate experimentation using an unknown substance they called "Phazon", the creature and several of its companions had broken free and wreaked havoc on the Orphion. While the other creatures had been killed, this one had made its nest in the Orphion's reactor core. Samus fought and killed the beast, but it fell into the reactor and caused the reactor to go critical. As Samus fled the ship, to her horror she saw her old enemy, Ridley come back from the dead perched in the Ship's upper levels. Apparently he had come to aid the Orphion, but hadn't arrived in time. Ridley through debris at Samus and flew away, Samus ran to her spaceship in order to chase him, but not before an explosion destroyed many of her suit's abilities.

Samus landed her new gunship on Talon IV, and began to explore the planet. As she travelled she learned about the history of the planet. Long ago the Chozo had built an advanced civilization there, apart from the rest of their kind. Unlike certain other Chozo civilizations, these people valued integration with nature above technological advancement. This "integration" lent the Chozo the ability of foresight, and gave them great prosperity. Still, they created many advanced weapons, which Samus used to restore her power suit's capabilities. One day a meteor struck the planet with tremendous force, this meteor contained what the Chozo described as "poison", and what the Pirates identified as Phazon. The poison wreaked havoc on the life of the planet, mutating the local organisms into monstrous beasts. The Chozo, wishing to protect their world from the corruption Phazon brought with it, began the construction of a massive lock to build around the impact crater in order to contain the poison. They prophesied of a time when a human woman would come to destroy the poison and cure Talon IV. So they placed 12 keys to the lock in places only she could find them, and left clues that only she would understand. This woman turned out to be Samus, and Samus lived up to the prophesy.

As she searched the Chozo's ruins she discovered the Space Pirate's diabolical plan to use Phazon to create super soldiers, the ultimate result of which was the Omega Pirate. The Pirates believed that whatever waited beyond the lock that the Chozo had created could be used as a powerful weapon, so Samus finds herself in a race to obtain all the keys before they do. In addition, Samus once again has to battle the Metroids, as the Pirates have brought Metroid clones to Talon IV and injected them with Phazon, creating a new kind of Metroid known as Talon Metroids. She destroyed the Pirate's research and the Omega Pirate, in the process exposing herself to Phazon which turned her power suit into the Phazon Suit.

Once Samus obtained all 12 keys, the Pirate High Command sent Ridley, resurrected as Meta Ridley, to kill Samus and take the keys from her. Samus had learned that Meta Ridley was a reconstruction of Ridley using his remains from Zebes and cybernetic implants, his skin was impenetrable, so Samus targeted the weak spot in his chest, which was covered by a simple metal plate. With the help of Chozo artifacts found at the impact crater, Samus pushed Meta Ridley off of a cliff. He wouldn't be heard from again for some time. Samus entered the impact crater, where she came face to face with the source of Talon IV's poison: The Metroid Prime. Apparently a Talon Metroid that had devoured the meteor, the creature had grown to massive proportions, and mutated randomly at random times. It was only vulnerable to certain weapons at certain times, based on what it had mutated into last. Using her new Chozo weapons, Samus destroyed the creature's shell, exposing its energy based core. Finally, Samus discovered the fullest potential of her new Phazon suit, and used the liquid phazon found only in the Metroid Prime's lair to power her Phazon Beam, the only weapon powerful enough to kill the Metroid Prime. As the Metroid Prime went into a death spiral, it latched onto Samus's Phazon Suit, trying to drag her down with it. But the Phazon Suit detached from Samus, and the Metroid Prime fell into a pool of liquid phazon.

Confident that all was well and that the planet had been cured from both Phazon and the Space Pirates, Samus left Talon IV in search of another bounty to hunt. However, after she left, the Metroid Prime emerged from the pool of Phazon. It had fused itself to the Phazon Suit, creating a dark clone of Samus Aran: Dark Samus. Dark Samus would be one of Samus's greatest enemies later on.



Samus and the other hunters.

Soon after the events on Talon IV, empaths across the Galaxy began to receive a telepathic message: "THE SECRET TO ULTIMATE POWER LIES IN THE ALIMBIC CLUSTER." Curious as to what this power could be, Galactic powers sent their own Space Hunters to investigate the source of the message in the Alimbic Cluster. The Galactic Federation sent Samus to find the Ultimate Power, and if possible, take it for the Galactic Federation. If not, destroy it. As Samus explored the remains of the Alimbic society, she learned the truth of why the Alimbics disappeared, and searched for the keys she would need to open the interdimensional portal where the power is supposedly hidden. She would often need to do battle with rival hunters in order to steal their keys and protect her own. With all keys in her possession, Samus activated the Alimbic Cannon and traveled to another dimension, where the Alimbics had imprisoned their destroyer, Gorea. It turned out that Gorea had used the telepathic message as bait to try and lure people there so he could escape. Samus knew that she had to destroy the creature once and for all, after witnessing Gorea defeat the other hunters, Samus uses Alimbic weapons to kill him and avenge the Alimbics. As the dimensional prison collapsed on itself, Samus, and apparently the other Hunters narrowly escape. One of the hunters, Sylux, would come back to haunt her later.


Samus and Dark Samus

Samus and Dark Samus prepare for battle.

Very soon after the events in the Alimbic Cluster, the Federation sends Samus to investigate what happened on Aether, a largely unexplored planet where some Federation Marines recently went missing. As she enters the planet's atmosphere, her ship is damaged by an ion storm and she is stranded as well. She searches for the marines, finding where they set up an underground camp as some kind of last resort refuge. Inside, Samus finds several dead Marines who have been reanimated by some evil force. Deeper inside the camp Samus encounters evil aliens called the Ing, and her soon to be enemy Dark Samus. The Ing attack Samus and take her weapons, leaving her for dead underground. As Samus searches for more survivors, she finds U-Mos, the last waking inhabitant of Aether. U-Mos tells Samus the story of his people, the Luminoth. Similar to Talon IV, a dark meteor struck Aether, corrupting it with its poison. But this time, the meteor split the planet across two dimensions. One half being Light Aether, the other Dark Aether. The evil inhabitants of Dark Aether, the Ing, waged war on the Luminoth, and stole their planetary energy. In a last effort to save the few survivors of the war, the Luminoth were all placed in cryostasis, with only U-Mos to watch over them all. They would wait until a time when their savior would venture into the Dark World, take back their energy and vanquish their enemies. Samus agrees to help the Luminoth, she explores both the light and dark worlds, recovering Luminoth technology which she uses to wage her battle against the Ing and Dark Samus. Once again, Samus encounters the Space Pirates, who had a secondary Phazon research lab on Aether. The Pirates and the Metroids they had brought with them would make powerful hosts for the Ing, who possess light organisms and increase their powers. Meanwhile Dark Samus consumed the Pirate's Phazon. When Samus had found all the keys to the Emperor Ing's Dark Temple, she killed the Dark Beast and vanquished Dark Samus, destroying the Dark World in the process. The Luminoth wake from their slumber and thank Samus, Dark Samus rematerializes in outer space, living to fight another day.


6 months after the events on Aether, Samus is sent for by the Galactic Federation. She and three other Space Forces are hired for a mission to cure Federation Aurora Units (Biological computers similar to Mother Brain) from a Space Pirate virus. However, the meeting is interrupted by a Space Pirate attack. Many Federation Ships are destroyed, and Norfair is invaded by Space Pirates. Samus is sent to the Planet's surface to help combat the Pirates, who have disabled the planet's defense system in order to make way for some kind of meteor. Samus and the other Hunters repair the defense system and get ready to fire a laser to destroy the incoming meteor, but Dark Samus returns and interrupts them. Dark Samus knocks out all the other hunters using a Phazon attack, and then flies away to avoid the cataclysm that will come as a result of the meteor. Samus regains consciousness just in time to activate the defense laser though, saving Norfair. She then blacks out again.

6 months later, Samus wakes up. The Phazon attack Dark Samus had used against her had infected her system with Phazon. In order to control it, the Federation had modified Samus's power suit with a Phazon Enhancement Device. A similar device had also been administered to the other hunters, who had woke up before Samus and gone missing while on missions assigned to them by the Federation. Samus's PED gave her much greater powers, but as she would soon realize, it came with a cost. The Federation sent Samus to investigate the disappearance of the other Hunters who had PED suits. As it happens, the Phazon inside of their bodies had corrupted them, completely subverting them to the will of Dark Samus, and Samus constantly finds herself battling the influence of the PED, lest she also become Dark Samus's slave. Later, Samus discovers that the Space Pirates have also been corrupted by Phazon and are under Dark Samus's control as well. The meteors that struck Talon IV, Aether and many other worlds and almost Norfair were called Leviathans, and they were the seed of Phaze, a living planet spreading its corrupting influence across the cosmos. Dark Samus is its servant, and Samus must destroy both Dark Samus and Phaze. Using the power of Phazon, Samus destroys Phaze and all Phazon in the Universe is rendered inert, including her PED suit. After effectively saving the Universe, Samus reflects on her now deceased Hunter friends, and heads out to find another bounty. Unbeknownst to Samus, she is followed by Sylux.


Following the destruction of Phazon, the Galactic Federation is left weakened without its PED suits. The Space Pirates see this as their chance to strike, and Samus is sent to keep tabs on them. She learns that the Pirates have obtained alien technology that allows them to enlargen objects, and are building a massive Battleship which they plan to use to attack the Galactic Federation HQ. Samus attempts to stop them, but is captured and brainwashed by the Pirates. The Pirates then enlargen her, and make her fight the Federation Force. The Federation Force defeats her though, and destroys the Doomseye. Samus regains consciousness, her memories, and her normal size... somehow. (Yeah, this game made no sense)

Samus ReturnsEdit

Following several incidents involving the Metroid lifeform, many of which involving Samus as well, the Galactic Federation declared the species "to dangerous to exist." and ordered its immediate extermination. This would require venturing tot the Metroid homeworld, SR388 and killing every last Metroid. The ideal candidate for this mission, was Samus Aran. After being dispatched to the planet, Samus discovered the true origins of the Metroid and the Chozo. The Chozo had created the Metroid to combat another predatory alien known as the X Parasite. But the Metroids began to evolve, and the Chozo could no longer control them. In order to keep the Metroids at bay, they flooded the deeper caverns on SR388 with a toxic purple liquid, and built machines that could one day drain the liquid and allow access to the lower levels. These machines would only activate when filled with sufficient amounts of Metroid DNA obtained by killing all the Metroids on the higher levels. Samus killed all the Metroids and used these machines to access the Queen Metroid's lair, she then destroyed the Queen and doomed the Metroid race to extinction. She did, however, spare one Metroid Egg. From the Egg hatched a baby Metroid, which followed Samus as if she was its mother. Samus took the baby with her for scientific research, but the Space Pirates had learned of her mission. In order to prevent Samus from destroying what they viewed as their most powerful weapon, they sent Ridley to the planet. Ridley attempted to steal the Baby, but the Baby helped Samus to defeat him. They then left the planet together, leaving Ridley behind.

Return to ZebesEdit

Samus left the baby Metroid on the Federation research station, Ceres. But no sooner had she left when she received a distress signal from Ceres. The Space Pirates had attacked the station and were trying to steal the last Metroid! Samus hurried back to the station, but when she arrived, she found the station's scientists dead and the Baby Metroid in Ridley's hand. Ridley set the Ceres station to self destruct and fled the scene, Samus barely made it out alive and followed Ridley. The Space Pirates had rebuilt their base on Zebes. Samus knew what she had to do. Once again, she infiltrated Zebes, taking Chozo relics and searching the caverns for the rebuilt Mother Brain. She found the Mother with the baby Metroid, now grown to massive proportions. Mother commanded the Metroid to kill Samus, but the Metroid remembered Samus, and instead attacked Mother, siphoning her energy and transferring it to Samus, giving her the Hyper Beam. Mother killed the Metroid, and Samus used the Metroid's power to destroy Mother Brain once and for all. Knowing that there was only one way to end the Pirate threat for good, Samus this time destroyed the entire planet Zebes, finishing the Space Pirates, Ridley and Mother Brain for the last time, along with her childhood.

Other MEdit

The death of the baby Metroid and the destruction of her old home, Zebes, left Samus in a weakened and depressed state. Faced with aspects of her life she had never been forced to confront before, Samus' sense of identity had been wounded greatly. Drifting aimlessly in space, she received half of a distress signal "Beware the other M-". With no reason not to, Samus investigated. The source of the distress signal was a strange ship inside the wreckage of Zebes. On board, Samus met a group of soldiers in the Federation Army, the head of which was her old commanding officer, Adam Malchovich. It was revealed that this spacecraft, the Bottle Ship, was a biological research vessel. As she ventured through the ship, Samus discovered clones of her old enemies, including Ridley and Metroids. Eventually, Samus put an end to the evil computer controlling the ship, and left somewhat encouraged after once more conquering the challenges she had faced in the past.


A great deal of time after the events on the Bottle Ship, Samus was sent to aid a Federation research team on SR388, but they are attacked by the X-Parasite. Samus makes it off the planet, but being infected by the X, she goes unconscious, and her ship crashes into an asteroid. Fortunately her ship ejected her just in time. The X parasite bonds onto into its prey and takes its DNA, it then either possesses the subjects body, kills the subject, or leaves the subject and uses its DNA to change into a clone of the subject. In Samus's case, the Power Suit made it impossible for the X to do any of that normally, and the Federation attempted to remove the X. However, her power suit could not be removed unless Samus regained consciousness and allowed it to be removed. So the Federation did its best to surgically remove pieces of the suit that were infected by the X, but could do no more. As a last resort, they used an experimental vaccine made with Metroid DNA to combat the X. It worked, reshaping Samus's DNA and her power suit in the process, but curing her and saving her life. The pieces of the power suit that had been removed were possessed by the X parasite though, and an X clone of Samus took over the nearby BSL spaceship. Samus was tasked with the job of neutralizing the X. On the BSL spaceship Samus discovered something truly horrifying: The Galactic Federation was illegally cloning Metroids! While Adam Malchovich tried to persuade Samus that the Metroids were only to be used for benevolent purposes, Samus wouldn't take it. She destroyed the BSL and left the Federation. Current whereabouts: Unknown.

Power SuitEdit

Samus's signature Power Suit is high tech Chozo technology. It is incredibly strong and lightweight, allowing Samus a wide range of motion while still being able to withstand incredible damage. The Power Suit is fused to Samus herself, it is a part of her, making Samus technically a Cyborg (though she can remove the Power Suit if she wants). Upon activating the Power Suit, Samus's joints are spread apart and her rib cage is expanded, altering her physique. The Power Suit is modular, able to adapt most any kind of technology into itself, even alien technology the Chozo designers never encountered. New modifications allow Samus to use here Power Suit as a powerful weapon, most notably the Screw Attack modification allows her to turn into a spinning ball of energy, and the Speed Booster allows her to move at incredible speed. A list of modifications for the Power Suit is below:

  • Power Suit
  • Varia Suit
  • Gravity Suit
  • Dark Suit
  • Light Suit
  • Phazon Suit
  • PED Suit
  • Varia Suit This modification increases the Power Suit's durability and allows it to protect Samus from extreme heat and cold.
  • Gravity Suit Another modification that allows Samus to move with ease underwater and in zero G environments. Also boosts durability.
  • Gravity Booster A lightweight alternative to the Gravity Suit, does not effect durability.
  • Dark Suit Only obtained once by Samus, heightens resistance to the Dark World on Aether.
  • Light Suit Similar to Dark Suit, eliminates the effects of Dark Aether, allowed Samus to ride light Beams.
  • Phazon Suit A modification stolen by the Metroid Prime, made Samus immune to Phazon and allowed her to use the Phazon Beam.
  • PED Suit Similar to the Phazon Suit, this device was used as a life support system when Samus was infected with Phazon. It could be used to enter "Hyper Mode", making Samus more powerful.
  • Space Jump Lets Samus jump multiple times in mid-air.
  • Screw Attack Turns Samus into a spinning Buzz saw of deadlyn energy.

Arm CannonEdit

Samus's Arm Cannon, like the Power Suit, is completely modular. It can be loaded with just about any kind of ammo and can fire any kind of beam. Samus's weapons of choice are her Power Beam and Missile systems, but she also likes to use her Chozo Ice, Wave and Plasma Beam. The Arm Cannon can also be used as a computer interface, so Samus can hack a computers system and download files through it. Some Arm Cannon mods are listed below:

  • Power Beam Samus's default weapon, has a very fast fire-rate.
  • Ice Beam Freezes enemies in midair.
  • Wave Beam Depending on the version, the Wave Beam can either travel through walls or home in on enemies.
  • Plasma Beam Depending on the version, the Plasma Beam can either pierce enemies or cause them to burst into flames. May also be able to melt certain substances.
  • Nova Beam Possesses extreme heat and is the only weapon that can travel through Phazite.
  • Missile An explosive weapon.
  • Super Missile A powerful explosive weapon.
  • Ice Missile A less potent alternative to the Ice Beam.
  • Ice Spreader A combination of the Ice Beam and Missile, can coat an entire area in ice.
  • Wavebuster A combination of the Wave Beam and Missile, offloads massive amounts of homing energy.
  • Flamethrower A combination of the Plasma Beam and Missiles, shoots out extremely hot flames.
  • Light Beam Similar to the Plasma Beam, most effective against creatures from the dark world.
  • Dark Beam Fires Dark particles, a direct hit can coat an enemy in Dark Matter, a miss will cause the beam to explode, and the Dark Particles will seek the enemy.
  • Annihilator Beam A powerful Beam that combines light and dark energy. Uses Sonic pulses to deal massive damage.
  • Sunburst Combination of the Light Beam and Missiles, can instantly incinerate multiple enemies within radius.
  • Darkburst Combination of the Dark Beam and Missiles, opens a black hole that sucks enemies in.
  • Sonic Boom Combination of the Annihilator Beam and Missiles, shoots out multiple seeking bullets that deal massive damage.
  • Volt Driver An electric blast that can damage an enemy's vision systems.
  • Battle Hammer A mortar type weapon that deals tremendous damage.
  • Magmaul A flaming hot mortar weapon that spreads magma in a large radius.
  • Judicator Fires three beams of Supercooled Plasma, can freeze enemies and bounce off walls.
  • Shock Coil Similar to the Wavebuster, but less potent.
  • Imperialist A powerful Sniping weapon with a scope.
  • Multi-Missile Allows Samus to fire multiple homing missiles.

Morph BallEdit

The Morph Ball is an extension of Samus's Power Suit, it allows Samus to roll up into a compact sphere to fit through small places and roll around undetected. Exactly how the Morph Ball works is unknown even to Samus herself, but it seems that where the Power Suit enlargens the distance between Samus's bones, the Power Suit reduces it. While in Morph Ball Mode, Samus can lay bombs and can even roll up walls using the Spider Ball modification. Morph Ball mods are listed below.

  • Morph Ball Bombs Timed bombs.
  • Power Bomb Samus's most powerful weapon, said to be equivalent to an atomic bomb.
  • Spider Ball Allows Samus to climb up walls and roll on ceilings.
  • Spring Ball Lets Samus jump while in Morph Ball mode.

Grapple BeamEdit

Samus's grapple beam is a whip-like energy weapon that she can use to grab enemies and swing from ledges. Depending on the version, it is either fired from her arm cannon, giving her greater stability, or fired from a module on her left hand, allowing her to shoot while hanging. Some versions of the Grapple Beam allow Samus to siphon energy from enemies.

Visor SystemsEdit

Samus's visor enhances her vision greatly, it allows her to scan enemies, instantly relaying information to her brain. This gives her a tactical advantage. Thermal, X-Ray, Dark and Echo visors allow Samus to look beyond the realm of normal perception. The Command visor allows Samus to call her gunship to pick her up or perform a bombing run.

Hunter GunshipEdit

Through the ages Samus has gone through quite a few Spaceships. Her gunship is what she calls home, it is loaded with powerful weapons and ammo machines that can use local ingredients to manufacture unlimited ammunition for Samus's arm cannon.

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