The Sandman was a figure in European folklore who would put people to sleep with sand.

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The Sandman is the name for several superheroes and villains.

DC Comics[edit | edit source]

  • Sandy Hawkins was Wesley Dodd's sidekick and eventually became the successor to the name.
  •  Garrett Sanford was the third hero to take on the name Sandman, though was unrelated to the other two and fought evil inside the dreams of men.
  • Hector Hall also took on the role of Sandman for a time.
  • Keiran Marshall is the Sandman who appeared in the mini-series Sandman: The Sleep of Reason.
  • Sandman is a comic book series in the DC Universe.  Though neither a superhero nor villain, the title character, Morpheus, and his successor, Daniel, have interacted with superheroes in the DC Universe.  Though the characters are rarely referred to Sandman in the comics, Morpheus has directly inspired Wesley Dodds to become the Sandman in the comic story Sandman Mystery Theater.

Marvel Comics[edit | edit source]

  • The Sandman is a supervillain (and, at times, a superhero) in the Marvel Universe and is primarily an enemy of Spider-Man.
  • In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, there is another notable version of Sandman.
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