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Sandy Hawkins Sandman.jpg

Real Name
Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins
First Appearance
Adventure Comics (Vol. 1) #69 (December 1941)
Mort Weisinger, Paul Norris
Team Affliations
Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron, Young All-Stars
Sandy the Golden Boy, Sand, Sands
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Silicon-based body is elastic and resilient, metamorphs into sand and emits seismic disruptions, Prophetic dreams
Skills and Abilities
Proficient with many handgun based weapons, such as gas guns and wirepoon guns
Tools and Weapons
Sleep Gun

Sandy Hawkins was once the sidekick to Wesley Dodds named Sandy, before taking on the role of Sandman for himself in the DC Universe.


An admirer of the superhero Sandman (who was secretly socialite Wesley Dodds), Sandy Hawkins trained himself to become a great hero like him.  When Sandy's aunt disappeared during an investigation, he ended up investigating with Sandman, eventually becoming his sidekick and close friend.


The Admirer[]

The early life of Sandy Hawkins, as well as his parentage remains largely unknown, though he is a nephew to Dian Belmont, the long-time confidante of Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman.  Sandy lived the life of an orphan in his city and admired the superhero Sandman very much.  When Wesley was away, Dian Belmont decided to wear the Sandman costume to stop a Nazi spy, only to seemingly be killed during the mission.  Both Wesley and Sandy responded; Wesley by making a new costume based on Dian's design and Sandy by finally suiting up in the hopes of becoming a great crime-fighter like the Sandman.

Sandy and Sandman first met when Sandman found his home town under invasion by giant bees.  Sandy learned the identity of the villain behind the bees and suited up in costume to tell Sandman about it.