The Savage Land

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Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
First Appearance
X-Men (Vol. 1) #10 (March, 1965)
Notable Residents
Ka-Zar, Zabu, Sheena, Devil Dinosaur (currently)
Points of Interest
Village of the United Tribes, Gondora, Altar of Death, New Imperia, Skull Island

The Savage Land is a location in the Marvel Universe and is home to the hero Ka-Zar.

History[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

Long ago, the alien race known as the Nuwali arrived on other planets, creating vast experiments within a planet's area to study the nature of evolution.  They did this on the command of a more powerful alien race known as the Beyonders who were unable to leave their own dimension and needed the Nuwali's help in learning about evolution in controlled circumstances (the Savage Land was only one of many of these experiments, located on planets across the galaxy.)

The Nuwali first placed various life forms native to the Earth (such as plant life and dinosaurs) in the experiment area and over the course of millions of years added different forms of life including mammals and hominid "man-apes".  Over time the Beyonders and the Nuwali abandoned the experiment (approxamately around 200,000 BC but the self-sustaining machines continued the existence of the what they created.  A faction of the ancient alien race known as the Eternals spent an undisclosed amount of time there and left behind a temple complex.

Atlantean Colonization[edit | edit source]

In approxamately 18,500 B.C., people from Atlantis (refugees from when Atlantis first sank into the ocean) began to colonize the Savage Land, bringing with them prehistoric life they had been preserving, as well as rare, magical creatures such as unicorns.  They maintained the secret machines that kept the Savage Land's climate and volcanos active and developed a capital they called Pangea (from the Atlantean word for Paradise).  The Atlanteans also genetically altered the protohumans known as the Man-Apes, turning them into creatures resembling birds, fish, and other animals, creating a slave-class known as the Beast-Men.  When Pangea become automated, they rebelled in the first Pangea War and fled to habitable areas of the Savage Land.  These people won and were given the right to inhabit unpopulated areas of the Savage Land.

In 18,000 BC, an event spurred by a war between the aliens and mystics of Earth that resulted in a global catastrophe known as The Great Cataclysm occurred, which resulted in the destruction of Atlantis.  The Fortisquians, a race created by the Beyonders for the purpose of spreading life through the universe, were tasked by the Beyonders with repairing the eco-system of the Savage Land, who sent a party of their people to take charge of the task.  This party, later known as the Caretakers of Arcturus, repaired the damage they could but still half of the population died.

The various survivors began to develop their own tribes and cities, with some cultures retaining their past, while others forgot their origins. The cities of Lemura and Sylanda by people of Atlantean descent to keep their heritage alive.  They would become the ancestors of the tribes that would later be known as the Swamp Men.  Many of the Beast Men created their own tribes, often with wars, such as that between the Aerians (a bird-like race) and the Pterons (a pteradactyl/pteradon-like race).  Every thousand years, it has been recorded that religious "high priests" would perform human sacrifices to protect the land. In the year 3000 BC, two aliens visited and hid a weapon known as a Planet Destroyer there and left a giant android named Umbu to destroy it.  In the 11th Century, a French sorceror named Khor was exiled to the Savage Land for unspecified crimes.

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Other Media[edit | edit source]

Appears in X-Men Animated series, Super Hero Squad Show and Avengers Assemble. In the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game, it was a base island for Magneto.

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