Scorpio is the name of several villains in the Marvel Universe, usually a member of the Zodiac and an enemy of Nick Fury.

Jake Fury[edit | edit source]



Real Name
Jacob Fury
First Appearance
Strange Tales #159 (August, 1967) [Jake Fury], Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (June, 1968) [as Scorpio]
Jim Sterenko
Team Affliations
Zodiac, Great Wheel, HYDRA
Jacques LaPoint, Count Julio Scarlotti, Nick Fury, Flip Mason
Base of Operations
Belleville, New Jersey
Increased Physical Abilities (when weilding the Scorpio Key), Ability to Become Water, other unexplored abilities
Skills and Abilities
Criminal Mastermind, Experienced and Skilled Fighter
Tools and Weapons
The Zodiac Key

Jake Fury was born in New York City and was the brother of Nick Fury.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Fueled by resentment towards his brother Nick Fury, Jacob Fury became a criminal and eventually allied himself with the Zodiac cartel.

Jaques LaPoint[edit | edit source]

Ecliptic[edit | edit source]

Mikel Fury[edit | edit source]

Nick Fury's illegitimate son.

In other Media[edit | edit source]

Fury uses this disguise in an episode of the cartoon Super Hero Squad Show.

The fourth Scorpio appeared in an episode of the cartoon Ultimate Spiderman. (Reimagined as his brother, Max).

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